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Tales From The Road

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Tales from the road.

It is a pivotal time for us all to ask important questions about the future of our world.

Novak Djokovic and his stand against mandatory vaccines: will it help turn the tide against mandates now and in the future

Novak Djokovic: Hero or Villain. You decide

The Agenda behind Vaccine Passports and What its Revealing

Many things are being revealed now about the Covid agenda, including vaccine passports. What are they really about and do they possibly threaten our basic liberties. For many, this is already the case. Its crucial we understand this and refuse to accept them as a part of our everyday lives.  

The Latest Crap from the WHO

It really is hard to bare. How can people take the WHO seriously after two years of relentless propaganda
Deep Thoughts on freedom
Travel Gallery

We are living in times where getting objective news is becoming harder.

The Search for the Truth in Times of War

Finding the truth in times of war is not easy. The current situation with the Canadian truckers is one example where this is happening. The Canadian government is portraying them in all sorts of ways, nothing of them positive. The media is doing its best to make the truckers seem extreme when the truth seems to be elsewhere. What is happening is a revolt of working people against abuse of government. Pure and simple. 

Canadian Truckers

The extraordinary sight of thousands of trucks all over Canada coming to the capital of the country has moved and inspired millions. However, the legacy media has once again distorted and lied in their coverage of the convoy. it is showing the power of a movement and the fear of the elites when they know something is getting out of control

Kenya's slippery slope to Covid-19 mandates

Kenya is looking to copy Countries in Europe in mandating Covid-19 vaccines. 
Deep Thoughts on freedom