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Canadian Truckers

  • Teaser: The extraordinary sight of thousands of trucks all over Canada coming to the capital of the country has moved and inspired millions. However, the legacy media has once again distorted and lied in their coverage of the convoy. it is showing the power of a movement and the fear of the elites when they know something is getting out of control

Canadian Truckers: Why this means so much and why it has already succeeded.

An article in on Feb 2nd was titled “Why Canadian Truckers will lose.” The article states that Canada’s historical “blandness” and their cultural desire to be “inoffensive” will not allow a radical challenge to this benign tolerant culture. This is not a country with a lot of populist rhetoric. As with many articles in Unherd, a UK based news column, while at times pushing the envelope, it often stays nicely tucked inside. However, the article does make interesting historical points, especially how Canada, since its inception was a contrast and counter to the more radical and populist dynamics of its neighour to the south. Also, its elites have been quite adept at holding the reigns of power quite tight, whatever party is there and even in dealing with the issue of Quebec, which never really got out of hand, as did ETA in Spain for example. “Peace, order and good government” was the moto at modern Canada’s inception in 1867. Justin Trudeau, the prime minister is simply one in a long line of elites, including his father, Pierre Trudeau, who have managed the affairs of government by saying the right thing enough of the time as not to stir too much up. The article presumes that, in spite of the truckers challenge, this is likely to continue. But will it or does this signify a deep crack in the narrative of global elites in Covid times?

The situation with the Canadian truckers is the most potentially potent symbol of resistance to the whole covid agenda that has been seen so far. Two years of Covid-19, with lockdowns, endless propaganda, anxiety, fear, masks, more masks, more lockdowns etc., demonstrations all over the world, often weekly, mostly ignored by the mainstream media and yet they continue. Unvaccinated people in Europe, Oceania and North America vilified as “anti vaxxers”, “plague rats”, “terrorists” etc and often alienated from mainstream society, unable to do anything but buy food and medicines. Limits to free movement and even unable to visit sick relatives in hospital. At times denied healthcare, and now even being mandated by law to get an experimental treatment, as in Austria and maybe soon in other countries. And in Australia, put into internment camps.

Canada has imposed some of the most draconian and undemocratic restrictions on the unvaccinated. Unable to travel, to fly, unable to leave the country, to buy anything but essentials. To be escorted in shops so no non-essential goods are bought and on and on. And until now, Canadians seemed to be accepting it, maybe even agreeing with it. Trudeau, Prime Minister with a narrow majority in power, still garners enough cross-party support for his vaccine vendetta. And yet in the last 10 days, the images of working truckers, true blue collar, Canadian as you can get, regular joes and joannas, driving their trucks in sub-zero temperatures across the frozen tundra, with thousands on the sides of the roads cheering them on. And even cowboys and women walking their horses on the highway in support. Wow, just wow. What a sight. What inspiration and what a powerful symbol of what can happen when enough people say, “enough.” Enough of exploiting the situation for political purposes. Enough of marginalizing people and demonizing fellow citizens, the vast majority of which have taken the vaccine. This resistance is not about vaccine v. non-vaccine. It is about mandates, coercion, bullying and manipulation. It is about the abuses of government run amok and thinking they can get away with it. The fact that its totally ordinary folk doing this means a ton. They can’t be marginalized and pilloried as being “anti-vaxxers”, that nasty little pejorative that every hack writer loves to use, including the wonderful New York Times in the USA and the Guardian in the UK. They are trying but it just doesn’t work. 90% of the truckers are vaxxed. It’s about mandates, stupid. The media are once again being revealed for the patsies for governments that they really are.

Jagmeet Singh, the NDP leader in Canada stated that the truckers want to bring the government down. They have been called “insurrectionists”, a wild accusation if there ever was one. Last year Trudeau was holding the truckers up as a beacon of Canadian worker, keeping the country going in dark times. And now they are just a “marginal group” of people with wrong ideas and who are not “following the science.” His contempt showed all of his smug, well-trained elitism, but it didn’t come over well. In fact, it was simply nasty, slimy and unbecoming of a national leader. It was no different when he said that those choosing not to be vaccinated were “racist” and “misogynist”, dragging up any politically correct slander that might turn on the remaining of the elite, liberal mainly white bourgeoisie, that are his last bastion of support.

Even though Singh was massively distorting the agenda of the Freedom Convoy, that is now being emulated in New Zealand, UK and elsewhere, he has actually stumbled upon something. It might not actually bring the government down but it has already brought Trudeau down. Trudeau refuses to talk to the convoy representatives, maybe a good strategy if he wants to remain “tough”, but he is now backed into a corner. The profound impact this has already had in Canada and beyond isn’t going away. Yes, the Gillet Jeune came and seemingly went in France, but it doesn’t really go away and the timing now of this is even more poignant. People everywhere have had enough. They have done their bit and now they see the strawmen and women for what they are.

Trudeau and Singh are proteges of the World Economic Forum, graduates of the Young Global Leaders Programme, as is Macron in France and Jacinda Ahern in New Zealand, the other ex-British colony that has enacted some of the most over the top policies to contain Covid. Perhaps Ahern and Trudeau most transparently parrot the jargon of the WEF, with their “build back better” mantra and the “great reset” being recited like a daily prayer. But they are now being revealed to be the puppets they have always been. Ahern is getting away with it for now, but for how long and Trudeau, even with his political pedigree behind him is looking ever so vulnerable. He may survive physically but morally he is spent and it’s becoming clear for all to see.

Some of the spokespeople of the Freedom Convoy gave sober and very moving press conferences in the last two days, making it clear what their goals are and what they anticipate happening in the days to come. It is worth watching this interview with some of the Freedom Convoy folk here:

As the government has refused to acknowledge the convoy and their request for a meeting, and the City of Ottawa has declared an emergency, the convoy in the city is now anticipating the possibility of a massive police presence moving in soon and kettling the folk into a tight setting where they can be arrested. Some arrests have already happened, simply for being there and bringing in supplies to support the truckers. It is possible now that it is going to get much more intense in the days to come. The truckers are determined to stand their ground but to maintain a strictly non-violent approach so as not to fall into the trap of being accused of bringing violence and disorder to the streets, allowing an even more heavy-handed police approach. So far, things have remained peaceful and both the police and truckers have been communicating and keeping things in control. But if the police are told by the government to go in, they will have to go in, unless individual police or even groups refuse. This is possible. Trudeau’s position is not tenable. He may pretend but he is going to look bad, one way or the other. The organizers are now asking more Canadians to prepare to come to Ottawa in the event that the police move in in large numbers. They need numbers to maintain their presence effectively. The organization and commitment of the truckers and their supporters is extraordinary. Whatever happens now, this has been a deeply powerful and moving thing to watch and the genie is out of the bottle now. People have had enough and its time for governments everywhere to see this, even though at the same time, plans for future pandemics and how to respond to them are being discussed by the World Health Organization and member countries. As many have said, in the end its not about Covid and pandemics, its about control. Let’s hope the truckers and the growing numbers of people all over the world challenging all restrictions, can stop them in their tracks.