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Covid 19 Two Years Later: Remaining Questions

  • Teaser: After nearly two years of Covid-19, there are roughly two basic positions that have been taken in light of what has happened. In spite of the many “facts” that are haphazardly thrown around, the initial position taken by many on the whole Covid phenomena is primarily emotional, even when intertwined with “science” and “facts”.



After nearly two years of Covid-19, there are roughly two basic positions that have been taken in light of what has happened. In spite of the many “facts” that are haphazardly thrown around, the initial position taken by many on the whole Covid phenomena is primarily emotional, even when intertwined with “science” and “facts”. It is based on often unconscious assumptions, feelings and fundamental positions we have on life. In this case, it is reflected in assumptions of whether people, especially those working in governments or powerful media, or drug companies – the “experts” - are basically telling the truth and that they represent a relatively benign role in addressing the pandemic and are motivated for the well-being of society at large. In other words, we can basically trust them.

The other position is that one cannot trust many things governments say or do and we certainly can’t trust the huge drug companies and the media that are often simply doing the bidding of those who advertise with them or fund them. Those who inherently question the mainstream narrative would say no, we can’t trust the media, the drug companies or governments that are in charge of implementing Covid strategies. We certainly can’t trust the WHO that are simply doing the bidding of those invested in vaccine technology or Bill Gates whose “obsession” with vaccines is well-known, or the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who previously worked for the global vaccine alliance GAVI, the biggest funder of which is the Gates Foundation.

Therefore, these following positions are somewhat default positions in our relationship to the Covid-19 pandemic. There are obviously nuances between these positions but none the less represent basic positions. Therefore, the following basic suppositions can be made:

  • The pandemic is so serious, as we are being endlessly told by government and media, that all measures need to be taken, including lockdowns and restrictions, even if it means suspending normal democratic liberties. The roll out of the vaccine is the best solution to the pandemic. Pressure on the global population to get vaccinated is crucial and people simply need to believe in the intention of governments, medical experts, drug companies and the media portraying the narrative and justifying the actions of governments. Even if not always effective, governments and others are sincerely doing their best. There is no other hidden agenda involved. Just “follow the science and trust” is the best way forward and the vaccine is the only way out of this.
  • Whatever the original cause of the pandemic and subsequent actions taken, the pandemic has been exaggerated and blown out of all proportion and the mainstream media has engaged in a campaign of fear, using ongoing blatant propaganda and lies to justify the measures taken. Obsession with a vaccine solution, at the expense of all other options (prevention and treatments), is a mistake at best and criminally negligent at worst, resulting in many unnecessary deaths. The vaccines are neither safe nor effective and imposing them on children is criminal. The pandemic is a smokescreen to roll out untested vaccines, mandated as much as possible, and is to be followed by biometric ID which will impose a constant monitoring and control of societies. Vaccine passports are simply the first step toward a society of technocratic control.

While everyone has a right to make a decision of any medical treatment (following the Nuremburg Code which dictates no medical experiment should EVER be imposed on an individual) and that their decision is to be respected, the current strategy to shame, blame and now to impose a severe restriction on the civil liberties and inalienable rights of individuals who choose not to take an experimental medical treatment, is a line that could only be justified in the most extreme of circumstances, or perhaps never. Does this situation justify this? According to many in Austria and other countries, it does. Many believe now that locking down unvaccinated people, a 1/3rd of the population in Austria, is a justified action to address the crisis, and now, one step further, to make the vaccine mandatory. However, in order to justify this, any government, and those that support the strategy of imposing mandatory vaccines with threats of fines, serious social restrictions and even imprisonment for non-compliance, do need to answer certain questions.


  1. Are the global death figures of Covid-19 correct? Have death registration processes in many countries, including the USA and UK been relaxed so much that even untested or negatively tested people are being said to die of Covid? In the UK, any death within 28 days of a positive test is categorized as a Covid death. A doctor doesn’t even have to be present to sign a death registration and no formal diagnosis has been needed. Even the WHO suggested relaxing death registration processes. The average age of death from Covid is over 80 years old, older than death by other causes. The vast majority of deaths have up to 3 co-morbidities. As has been said, are people dying WITH Covid and not OF Covid?
  2. Are the tests accurate? The now famous RT-PCR test which is the “gold standard” was never meant as a diagnostic tool, according to its creator, Dr Kary Mullis. Also, the test requires a process of “amplification” of the sample taken from a person, also called Cycle Threshold (CT), in order to be able to isolate any viral sample. However, if this CT process is done over 25 times, there tends to be a large number of false positives. This is known to the WHO and others and yet in many countries the CT done was from 35 to 50 cycles, virtually ensuring a large number of false positives. The WHO only recommended lowering the thresholds after the vaccines were introduced, perhaps making it look like the vaccine is working. Even now, widespread testing of otherwise healthy people may be creating larger numbers of positive TESTS, but many are asymptomatic and yet are being classed as CASES. A positive TEST is not a CASE and this may be greatly exaggerating the numbers of cases being seen, which is largely being used to justify further restrictions.
  3. Even if the numbers of cases are true, are we being told the exact numbers of those that are then hospitalized and are dying as a direct result of Covid-19? Are we sure we are being told the truth? Are the inpatient admissions in hospitals that much more now in Dec 2021/Jan 2022 than in the last five years, especially before SARS-COV-2?
  4. Are hospitals now full of the unvaccinated, as being trumped in the media? Again, can we believe what we are being told? There is much evidence, even according to government figures, that this is not true. What does this mean about what is happening now? The current increase in CASES in Europe, which is now highly vaccinated, implies that a growing number of cases are in the VACCINATED population. Even with the new Omicron variant, because of which it is said that hospital inpatient admissions are greatly increasing, has to be in the VACCINATED population as the majority of people are vaccinated. So maybe the vaccine and the boosters are not working for all the variants. This is a valid question and recent evidence from the UK government itself seems to be saying the same thing. In fact it could be that the vaccinated are going to be MORE susceptible to any variants that may arise.
  5. Are the vaccines really working well? We are now being told we need boosters. Maybe every three to six months as evidence shows that immunity wears off around that time. How long can this go on for? If the vaccines are working, why are so many people catching Covid who are fully vaccinated. Looking at the figures in highly vaccinated countries and territories, like Israel, Iceland, Gibraltar etc., outbreaks are continually happening at high rates. Vaccine advocates say they are getting it but not getting so sick. Is this really true? Isn’t the traditional definition of a vaccine as something that PREVENTS a person getting a disease? Perhaps, then, this cannot be called a vaccine.
  6. Are the vaccines leading to more vulnerability in those people who are vaccinated? Some scientists have warned about Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), where subsequent exposure to a naturally evolving/mutating virus leads to a strong immune reaction which is actually harmful to the person. In other words, the body overreacts to the virus. This was seen in animal vaccine trials in 2003 with Sars-Cov-1. Therefore, questions need to be asked whether the vaccine may make a person more susceptible to subsequent covid strains, which are always mutating. This is one reason why a coronavirus vaccine has never been produced before. The vaccine may also be lowering general immunity in a person, leading them to be more susceptible to getting the flu and other viruses, a concern for elderly people. It may also be activating latent diseases in a person, including inflammatory conditions.
  7. If the vast majority of healthy people (99.8%) recover fine from Covid-19, wouldn’t it be better to simply let enough people be exposed to the virus and develop natural immunity, allowing the virus to simply disappear over time? Are we simply extending the pandemic by vaccinating so many people DURING the pandemic? Why did the WHO change the definition of “herd immunity”, now stating that it is achieved through vaccination only rather than through natural immunity? Also why did they change the definition of a pandemic in 2009, with cases needing to be seen globally yet not necessarily connected to the number of mortalities, thus allowing them to call the 2009 swine flu a pandemic, when it wasn’t? The Covid-19 pandemic was called in March 2020 when at that time, only a few hundred deaths had been seen outside China.
  8. Isn’t natural immunity longer and broader (including all varieties of Sars-Cov-2) than temporary vaccine immunity? If so, why vaccinate everybody, especially considering evidenced proof that the vaccine does not stop vaccinated people spreading the virus?
  9. If the vaccine does not stop infection or spreading the virus, what is the logic of locking unvaccinated people down or imposing vaccine passports? Does this make any sense? There seems to be little evidence that this vaccine works in any real way, apart from perhaps in a small group of highly vulnerable people for a relatively short period of time.
  10. How can unvaccinated people be blamed for spreading the virus when evidence is showing that vaccinated people do exactly the same? If the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated, then the vaccine cannot be said to work.
  1. Where is the science that the vaccine really does work? Did Pfizer really show a 94% efficacy rate in their initial trials? Many say that they did not (See that does a forensic analysis of the flawed safety and efficacy trials of Pfizer).. How has it changed since? Why did the FDA in the USA ask the courts to allow them to delay the public release of the documentation pertaining to Pfizer’s research for 50 years?
  2. We are being told the vaccines have saved millions of lives. Where is the clear, documented, categorical proof of this? Can it even be proven?
  3. Why have we not been able to create a coronavirus vaccine before? Isn’t continued mutation of the virus one of the concerns? How do we really know that the mRNA technology is safe when it hasn’t undergone any long-term human trials? Are we being experimented on?
  4. How can we justify vaccinating children with an unknown and untested therapy, for a disease they are very unlikely to suffer from? If vaccinated people can spread the virus, then how can vaccinating children achieve anything? Is it not a massive risk? In the UK, the JCVI clearly recommended AGAINST the vaccination of children. Matt Hancock, former Health Minister stated clearly on TV that children would not be given the vaccine as it hasn’t been tested on children and children are not vulnerable to Covid. The government still went ahead and is vaccinating children. Will we see excess deaths in young people now due to the vaccines but which will not be admitted by governments?
  1. Are deaths and injuries from the vaccines being hidden and suppressed? Is there a huge discrepancy in the European Eudravigilance figures, the UK MHRA Yellow Card and the USA VAERS systems? Are they massively underreporting side effects? Why are so many sports people dropping dead or unconscious on playing fields now? What is happening? The growing evidence linking all vaccines to serious vascular diseases and also to an explosion of other latent diseases indicates a significant inflammatory mechanism in the vaccines. No other vaccines in history, perhaps apart from the early smallpox trials in the 19th century have caused so many serious side effects. Why is this not being taken more seriously?
  2. Why have all other treatments, both to prevent and treat Covid been ignored or suppressed. Why weren’t old people in care homes ALL be given VitD3, Zinc, Vit C and other proven supplements? Why were treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) dismissed and not researched further? Why were the trials of HCQ stopped? Why did HCQ trials use toxic doses when appropriate doses were known? Why did they only trial these therapies in people who were already very sick and not in those who were recently diagnosed with Covid-19? It was known that HCQ potentially works better in the early stages of infection. Were the trials therefore deliberately planned to fail, leaving vaccination as the only option?
  3. Was the above done in order to justify Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) which can only be given when no other treatment is available? Why was Remdesivir (a failed Ebola drug) given EUA, when it showed no real clinical efficacy but had been shown to cause serious side effects? Remdesivir costs over $3,000 a treatment. Is this good Science?
  1. Is there any significant evidence that lockdowns of healthy people, with all the subsequent social, economic and personal harm these cause, have worked or are a viable strategy? Why did countries that didn’t lockdown to any degree, e.g., Sweden, Japan etc, not suffer larger overall numbers of deaths or infection rates?
  2. If Covid-19 is really the threat we are being told and everybody is doing their best, why has it been necessary to censor, threaten and dismiss any alternative analysis of the pandemic? Why have esteemed physicians, scientists and other experts who challenge the mainstream narrative been silenced? Why have working doctors been threatened or had their licenses revoked? Why have coroners been told not to question government policy on death registrations? Why are social media sites acting as censors in a democracy? Why are those who simply make a personal choice being demonized relentlessly as “anti-vaxxers”, a term now being used along with “domestic terrorist” or “social deviant?”
  3. Is the demonization of a percentage of the population for simply making a personal choice a deliberate strategy of governments? How can unvaccinated people be a threat to the vaccinated if the vaccine works? Where is the evidence that the unvaccinated spread the disease more than the vaccinated and, therefore, directly threaten the majority of society? Is this simply manipulation and propaganda? Are we all victims of the largest and most comprehensive global media manipulation in history? Has this been done in order to roll out an agenda, using a “pandemic” for ulterior motives?

If these questions cannot be answered satisfactorily, then many more need to be asked; of politicians, medical experts and those “influencers” in Big Pharma and organizations like the CDC and NIH in the USA, as well as their equivalent health bodies in other countries. We need to know if the WHO is profoundly compromised and under the sway of organizations whose obsession with vaccines and control, (including Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big NGO’s etc.), are dictating the WHO strategies because of other hidden and not so hidden motives.

One thing seems very clear. From the beginning, when the WHO declared the pandemic, in March 2020, the only solution being considered was mass vaccination. Nothing else, including preventative treatments or natural and conventional therapies were given any attention. Bill Gates famously said in April/May 2020 that the pandemic won’t be over until ALL the world’s population is vaccinated; months before we knew a vaccine was even viable. How did he know?

Can the question now be asked, then, that, for otherwise healthy people, taking the vaccine may pose a greater risk than contracting Covid? Is the vaccine actually killing more people than Covid in an otherwise healthy population?


As this is being written, Austria has imposed its ongoing restrictions of those that choose not to take the experimental vaccine, and will impose mandatory vaccination of all adults in February. Italy has imposed mandatory vaccination for the over 50’s and profoundly restricts life for all non-vaccinated, Greece for those over 64, while Germany is also looking to impose some form of mandatory vaccine. President Macron of France has arrogantly declared virtual war on the unvaccinated (over 25% of the adult population) and other countries in Europe may not be far behind. The EU is moving to implement vaccine passports throughout their borders and to standardize vaccine requirements for travel and regular life. Many thousands of people around the world are now losing their jobs because of mandatory vaccine policies. Even now, millions of people throughout Europe cannot take a mere coffee without threat of arrest or fine. Australia, meanwhile, has built quarantine camps and is simply locking away those even suspected of having Covid.

Are we all embroiled in a collective psychosis? Are we all victims of a relentless two-year propaganda campaign with news stories on TV, in newspapers, and via social media blanketing us with fear and anxiety, fueled by inaccurate data? Are we now sliding into a form of apartheid which will threaten the very fabric of civil society and the foundations of democracy? Is the USA sliding into a new cultural civil war as different states take polar opposite stances, and the split between so-called red and blue states becomes ever greater? Are countries like New Zealand, Australia and Canada, who have imposed a two-tier society, now living under a form of medical totalitarianism? For, already, under their rules, if you are not vaccinated, you are not free in anyway. Will this slowly dissipate in time or is this the “new normal.”

After two years of the pandemic and consequent media saturation, about 10-30% of citizens of most European countries have still chosen not to be vaccinated. This is much higher in Eastern Europe, where there is perhaps a more instinctive distrust of governments. Much of Africa has not made much of a dent into vaccinating its people. Even in South Africa, not more than 15% of the population are vaccinated. Is a history of being experimented on perhaps making them wary, along with low numbers of cases and far more pressing matters of daily life? What is this going to mean now as governments look to introduce more coercive measures? Are the unvaccinated going to continue to be blamed for the deaths of people generally, and the perpetuation of the pandemic? Many are saying they are. Will these people be scapegoated and be the new domestic enemy of society, to be shunned and forced under threat of prison and violence to take the jab even when all evidence shows that the unvaccinated do not spread the virus any more than the vaccinated?

The WHO was warning in Nov/Dec 2021 that another 500,000 people could die in Europe this winter.? Is this just more hype and fear mongering? If true, does this not mean that the vaccine is not offering any long-term immunity? Or, more simply, that it is not working, hence the need for endless booster doses? Even the WHO, as of January 2022 is pulling back on the idea of constant boosters (but perhaps because they want “new and improved” vaccines to be rolled out). When will this all end? If the vaccine doesn’t work as expected, then forcing everyone to be vaccinated, even against their will, is likely to be a destructive strategy that may well lead to serious social unrest. Already, statistically, this vaccine boasts the highest number of adverse reactions and deaths as a direct result of the vaccine itself, more than any other vaccine in history.

Ursula van der Leyen, The European Commission President since 2019, has recently spoken about the “conversation” that may need to be had in order to mandate the vaccine across the EU. Is this the slippery slope towards a new form of fascism, the fight against which was the foundation of the creation of the EU or is it simply the action of governments seeking to do whatever is necessary to control the pandemic?


Quote: The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants: Albert Camus.