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Pseudopandemic: A Book Review: Part Five

  • Teaser: PART FIVE: THE ENEMY WITHIN: THE PROPAGANDA WARS IN CREATING THE NECESSARY ENEMIES OF SCIENCE AND THE NEW BIO-SECURITY STATE Summary: the propaganda campaign of global governments and the censorship of those who challenge the mainstream narrative is creating the grounds for a permanent state of restrictions on fundamental freedoms.



  • Chapter 22: Making an Extremist; Chapter 23: The Bio-Security State

Summary: the propaganda campaign of global governments and the censorship of those who challenge the mainstream narrative is creating the grounds for a permanent state of restrictions on fundamental freedoms. Laws are being prepared to allow governments to restrict nearly all freedom of speech, using the rubric “hate speech” to control all media. This is laying the ground for a “Bio-Security” state to be imposed, using modern technology to create a permanent surveillance society.

Chapter 22, Making an Extremist, goes yet deeper into deconstructing the agenda being played out and the narrative presented. It explores how anyone who challenges the mainstream narrative is being portrayed as a form of extremist, a radical, a threat to society, even a “domestic terrorist.” Respected doctors and scientists who dared challenge the official position have been censured, suspended or sacked. Some have been threatened. President Biden listed 12 people who he said headed the “anti-vaxx” campaign leading to huge pressure and even death threats on these people. The degree of censorship in all areas of the media, including social media and the blatant propaganda being pushed onto the global populace nearly everywhere is yet another clear symptom of the agenda being played out. If the official narrative is true, would it really be necessary to suppress all alternative scientific opinion. Science, after all, is an evolving state of knowledge and exploration, not a fixed preordained reality. The fact that even respected doctors and scientists have been so profoundly threatened for daring to contradict the State franchise’s position speaks volumes.

The author mentions the 2021 World Press Freedom Day, when the UN had the temerity to talk about Press Freedom in terms of being able to control the narrative for their own agenda. To quote the author: “Far from questioning power, the UN's version of press freedom meant the totalitarian exercise of power through a tightly controlled propaganda operation. They stated:

"The theme is of urgent relevance to all countries across the world. It recognizes the changing communications system that is impacting on our health, our human rights, democracies and sustainable development."

Anything can be a public health risk, that is the why the core conspirators and their informed influencers deployed the pseudopandemic psy-op. The biosecurity state it has enabled means the complete behavioural control over humanity. Communication systems and information itself are a health risk now. Therefore, just as all fascists, tyrants and kings have claimed, information must be controlled by them for the public good.”

Perhaps one of the most controlled and yet influential news source is the BBC in Britain. The current Director General of the BBC, Tim Davie used that opportunity on World Press Freedom Day to press the case how legitimate journalists (who are part of the official narrative on Covid19) are being harassed and threatened and even having their lives threatened on the “growing assault on truth.”

The author quotes him as saying; "In the midst of the Covid pandemic, it is clearer than ever why people need access to trusted, impartial news. Trusted information is an essential public good... This growing assault on truth represents a profound threat to the health of societies and democracies worldwide. We stand in solidarity with journalists and other media organisations who continue to fight for truth and media freedom."

It is worth quoting Davis a little more here in how he deconstructs what Davie said and how in this day, we are in a “ Information War”. The BBC and those who represent it and who pay for it (State Franchise through us), are on one side of the tracks. The people are on the other:

“You may have noticed that Mr. Davie was using the same words that were in the U.N press release. This is because the head of the BBC and the global Trusted News cartel thinks that trusted, impartial news is the parroted repetition of official policy announcements. There is no analysis, no questioning of power, no context, no objectivity and no honesty. It is simply the delivery of policy directly into the minds of the public.

As Davie stood in solidarity with the global security apparatus, committing to fight the infodemic, he pronounced that questioning anything declared by the Trusted News cartel was an assault on the truth. Hitting us hard with the idea that information is a public good (global commons) it was his assertion that we must trust him and his cartel that was most striking. "Trust" is the last thing we should invest in the GPPP's mainstream media propaganda machine.”

The requirement that we must simply trust what we are being told now and that we shouldn’t bother to think for ourselves was most clearly revealed in an article in the financial journal, Forbes. It was entitled “You must not do your own research when it comes to Science”. They basically say that when it comes to things like vaccines, climate change and SARS COV 2, it is extremely dangerous to think for yourselves. In other words, it is way above your pay scale, so just shut up and take the jab. Let’s quote it, as the author does, just for fun:

"Research both sides and make up your own mind. It’s simple, straightforward, common-sense advice. And when it comes to issues like vaccinations, climate change, and the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, it can be DANGEROUS, DESTRUCTIVE, AND EVEN DEADLY.... It’s part of why scientific consensus is so remarkably valuable... It truly is one of the most important and valuable types of expertise that humanity has ever developed."

So, just believe the scientists, even if they are paid by Big Pharma, companies constantly being prosecuted by governments for illegal behaviour, including deliberately killing people. There are constantly whistleblowers in the medical profession, like Marcia Angels, previous Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, saying that objective science and professional publications are fraught with special interests now and up to 50% of research cannot be replicated. And then, as we’ve already seen with the early studies on the vaccines, all placebo trials were stopped and the data skewed to fit their own agenda.

One can conclude that in these End Times we are living in now, Science, as the recent usurper of religious authority in a secular society, is reaching the same level of corruption and nepotism that the catholic church did which led to the reformation in Europe in the 16th Century. Perhaps we need a new scientific reformation to purge the profound levels of corruption we see today where drug companies dictate health policy and the MSM simply parrots what they say. Politicians are in the pockets of these companies, research universities depend on research grants from Big Pharma and many of the “experts” advising governments are or have been on the payroll of Big Pharma, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and other highly questionable sources.

As the author states, science can never be “settled”. That simply leads to oppression and is in fact “anti-science.” And that is what is happening today in scientific and medical circles everywhere. If one even dares to question the efficacy of these vaccines (even though it is admitted they don’t stop a person getting covid), you are labelled an “anti-vaxxer” and woe betide you if you are working in the mainstream medical world. Even an organization like Doctors for Covid Ethics, which is made up of many respected physicians and scientists is routinely censored in all media. What we are actually seeing is the end of this current expression of science. If governments and Big Pharma can get away with these lies and manage to push and coerce a vaccine onto the global population that is showing profound side effects and doesn’t even work very well, then it does not look good.

As the pseudopandemic has continued, even when cases and deaths have significantly declined, we have seen and continue to see to this day, a ratcheting up of the narrative on all mainstream media platforms. We are also seeing daily increases in vaccine mandates, especially in Europe, North America and Australia. They are now determined to fulfil their agenda to the maximum level possible, where vaccine mandates are universal and those who do not comply will be deemed a domestic terrorist and will be dealt with accordingly. The author quotes a well-known vaccine advocate and deep state scientist, Peter Hotez. The language Hotez uses speaks volumes: to quote from an article by Hotez in Scientific American, entitled “The Antiscience movement is escalating, going global and killing people.” Davis quotes him as follows:

"Antiscience has emerged as a dominant and highly lethal force, and one that threatens global security, as much as do terrorism and nuclear proliferation. We must mount a counteroffensive and build new infrastructure to combat antiscience, just as we have for these other more widely recognized and established threats."

Hotez continued:

"The destructive potential of antiscience was fully realized in the U.S.S.R. under Joseph Stalin. Millions of Russian peasants died from starvation and famine during the 1930s and 1940s because Stalin embraced the pseudoscientific views of Trofim Lysenko... Soviet scientists who did not share Lysenko’s 'vernalization'... starved to death in a gulag."

"We are approaching three million deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is increasingly apparent that the SARS CoV2 alone is not responsible... Thousands of deaths have so far resulted from antiscience... Containing antiscience will require work and an interdisciplinary approach... we might look at interagency task forces.. among the agencies of the United Nations... We must be prepared to implement a sophisticated infrastructure to counteract this, similar to what we have already done for more established global threats. Antiscience is now a large and formidable security issue."

If this is not “hate speech”, what is. This is the purest propaganda. Goebels would be proud. Who is a person who is anti-science? Someone who challenges the mainstream narrative it would seem, even if that person is a respected scientist or doctor, who prior to Covid would have had an impeccable reputation and unimpeachable professional record. And now, he/she is a domestic terrorist responsible for the deaths of thousands. The fact that this kind of narrative is being condoned and accepted and the fact that this ratchets up the threats against anyone who contradicts the official position is a sign of how far we have come and that, as in the past in many cultures, we are creating new domestic enemy and threat, the anti-vaxxer. We are the enemy. Michael Moore, in a facebook rant, called out the unvaxxed for the deaths of 650,000 people. Even the ACLU has called for mandatory vaccines as they support “Civil Liberties.” This is simple insanity.

The writer and philosopher Charles Eisenstein recently wrote an essay on this phenomenon, and how in previous cultures, even ritual sacrifice and executions reflected a society’s need to cleanse itself of what it perceived to be an internal threat or a symbolic threat and some form of purging was required to restore order to society. He reflected how the increasing polarization and anti vaxx stigma is now being used to create a new internal enemy in society.

So, according to Hotez, those who choose not to take an experimental gene therapy, are now a “formidible security issue.” Governments in Europe, including Germany are now spying on those who they say are “conspiracy theorists” and “coronavirus deniers”. In the UK, the Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) is preparing the ground for same thing, as stated by Davis, in order to counter “hateful extremism.” According to the government, a hateful extremist could be anyone. You don’t have to do anything to be one, simply maybe have a different idea of what is good and bad. It is right out of the book “The Minority Report” by Philip K Dick. You are guilty for your thoughts, not your actions. The UK Online Harms Bill is suggesting that this will be the focus of their new proposed law. Davis quotes the CCE on this bill:

"Extremist narratives underpin some of the best-known and most recent conspiracies.. The FBI reportedly considers prominent conspiracy theories.. as potential motivators which could trigger domestic extremists to enact violence.. Many conspiracy theories or narratives based on disinformation.. can spread rapidly over social media. This has intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic.. Extremist groups and individuals are exploiting the pandemic by spreading disinformation.. The effectiveness of the Online Harms Bill in tackling conspiracy theories and disinformation is critical."

So, according to this we are already guilty if we spread disinformation and conspiracy theories. Who will dictate what is disinformation or a conspiracy theory? They will! Those in power – the government and organizations that back them or even manipulate governments. We can be sure that the pharmaceutical industry will be backing them up all the way. More profits to be made if all dissent is quashed and those responsible disposed of.

In July 2020, the CCE did describe who they thought could be identified as the “hateful conspiracy theorists”. Davis quotes: "During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen an increased visibility of conspiracy theories ranging from anti-vaccine, anti-establishment to anti-minority and antisemitic."

So those who now question any vaccines are the same as those who are antisemitic. Guilty by association. As Davis says, ”they are using the holocaust to create disinformation designed to further their own agenda.”

Davis quotes the CCE further. It is worth including here to really look at the language being used:

"Extremists will seek to capitalise on the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 to cause further long term instability, fear and division in Britain. Government needs to include clear plans to counter extremism in their response to this and future crises... the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government must drive forward a COVID-19 cohesion strategy to help bring different communities together to prevent extremist narratives from having significant reach and influence."

"Conspiracy theories have been a key tactic used by extremists to recruit and divide communities... They are difficult to challenge as their proponents commonly respond to attempts to invalidate them by claiming that they are being censored. Moreover, social media companies can serve to fuel conspiracy theories as platforms can be slow to takedown content."

Let’s be clear. “Extremists” and “conspiracy theorists” are those who don’t accept the mainstream narrative and the necessity for an experimental gene therapy. They are not wackos sending anthrax in envelopes or whatever, or building bunkers with weapons inside. They are regular folk living wherever, with families and jobs who just happen to DISAGREE with the government, who no longer feel the government is doing the right thing and has betrayed its role in society. But now we are being held responsible for capitalizing on the consequences of the government’s disastrous lockdown strategies and for dividing communities, when in fact, those who are challenging government are being bullied, harassed, shamed and blamed and becoming social pariahs. In France, police have been throwing people out of shops. In the USA, some doctors and nurses have been saying that the “unvaccinated should die”. This is getting very serious and this is being provoked by State franchises and their media puppets. They are making enemies of those who are thinking for themselves and simply protecting their inalienable rights. This is not democracy. These are profound symptoms of the END of democracy.

A couple more quotes from the CCE: "A study from the University of Oxford found that people who held coronavirus conspiracy beliefs were less likely to comply with social distancing guidelines or take up future vaccines. They tested conspiracy theories which claimed that... Bill Gates created the virus to reduce the world population."

"The scale of online extremist content and engagement with such material is deeply concerning. Research by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) found hundreds of thousands of Far Right posts around COVID-19 and millions of engagements with known disinformation... about ‘elites’ such as Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rothchilds and Jeff Bezos and false information about their role in the creation of the virus."

So, we are far right now!! Again, guilt by association. Any reference to the financial benefits accrued through the pandemic to huge financial interests is antisemitic if any of them are Jewish for example or any other way in which the conspiracy theorist or anti-vaxx label can be attached with any other kind of socially unacceptable opinion or group. The CCE finally says:

"Research indicates that a ‘lack of trust in the system is generally higher amongst those who are most prone to believing conspiracy theories’... A reduction of trust in the Government and state institutions can be exploited by extremists to spread their hateful and divisive narratives.”

Why would a rational, thinking, independent person really believe in government and state institutions after what we have been through in the last two years, or even the last 20 years, with all the corruption, the spying on our own citizens, the financial ponzi schemes that erupted in 2008, only to be bailed out by the government and tax payers money. Why would any of us believe anything we read any longer? Isn’t that just common sense and not being a conspiracy theorist? Global governments, with this kind of language and threat, are declaring war on all those who disagree with it.

The proposed Online Safety Act in the UK will be implemented through Ofcom, which will have the authority to determine what is harmful and disinformation. They can order media platforms to take such material down. In the Online Safety Bill, the concept of harm is left to the interpretation of authorities. Anything can be deemed “harmful” and thus unacceptable. Davis lists 6 things that the new bill deems to be harmful:

  • Censorship and restriction of freedom
  • Crime, violence and harassment
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Social division and intolerance
  • Economic harms
  • Delegitimising authority/undermining democracy

Therefore, any delegitimization of authority is harmful. Doesn’t this mean just about anything that is perceived to be critical of government! Or saying something that upsets someone’s “wellbeing”. Again, could be anything. Or if any criticism is perceived to be an “economic harm.” Would this include saying that McDonald’s hamburgers suck.

This very important chapter concludes that in Britain and other countries, the legal frameworks are being put into place that will permanently impose a state censorship on all media platforms and that there can be no tolerance of dissent, as deigned by the authorities. Those who do not comply will be censored or worse. There is a perfect storm arising when the confluence of interests, bringing governments and corporations into perfect alignment, create the very definition of fascism that Benito Mussolini described in the 1920s and 1930s and that dissent of authority will not be tolerated.

When/if the Online Harms Bill passes into law, it gives the state one more weapon to further impose itself onto the public discourse and quash what remains of our democracy. Covid 19 simply sets the agenda for what could follow.

Chapter 23 is titled The Bio-security State. It is here where an exploration of the next phase of the pseudopandemic takes off, once enough people have taken the vaccine and still accept the narrative of the risks of a normal life, even with the vaccine. It is clear now, as of September 2021 that having 80%+ of the population vaccinated in many countries is not enough. It is now essential that everyone has their own biometric ID with all their personal information on, in order to continue to monitor people’s status and the issuing of vaccine passports, which is currently being implemented, in spite of previous protestations that they wouldn’t happen. But here they are, and it has always been part of the game plan. All one has to do is like at the website ID2020 or and you can see how far down the tunnel we have already gone with the technology and now the political opportunity is there. Davis looks at the UNID2020 summit in 2016 to show how this is nothing new.

Davis explores this, looking at the language of ID2020 and their language of pseudo-humanistic values when it is really just a mechanism for control, surveillance and the ability to monitor everything, including if they roll out or continue some form of Universal Basic Income (UBI), which is essentially what has happened during the pandemic lockdown. When one reads about UBI, there are two positions. One, the liberal idealistic position, as espoused in books such as Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman makes the case how this can liberate people from poverty which will encourage people to actually function better in society and make better choices, which in the end will save the state money. The other position is that you can never trust the government as there will always be some conditions attached and it will only create more dependency and centralization. Both may be true and Bregman makes a good argument that if it is done without any conditions at all, but with the best motives, it can serve society. However, the actions of global governments in the last two years should make people question whether any of us can trust the government, ever again. Some would say that the social contract is over between government and people. War has been declared, at least on those who refuse the experimental gene therapies and are now simply ostracized from society, have lost their jobs and are being threatened with being excommunicated totally and even possibly imprisoned in camps and/or not being allowed to access the health system. New Zealand has been carrying out a poll on this last agenda. This is getting out of hand.

As Davis describes, the furlough scheme in the UK is a rehearsal for UBI. Also, there are now many active biometric ID programmes being rolled out throughout the world, including in India with its Aadhaar programme, supported by none other than the Gates Foundation, which is one of the founders of ID2020. Gates is all over this development and for a good reason as he and also Microsoft want to get their hands on the personal data of every man, woman and child on the planet. Part of the development here is the movement toward a global digital currency, both through a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), currently in the works worldwide, and as Davis describes, organizations like the “Better Than Cash Alliance”, of which Gates is also a founding member. Gates is also involved in a scheme in West Africa to link together digital ID with cashless payments, working with Mastercard.

The crucial point is that to get the UBI, you will need an identity and existing identities are likely not to be enough. You will have to have a new biometric ID and this information will not belong to you, in spite of what you may be told. It belongs to them! So, Bregman’s arguments are persuasive, but only make sense if you can trust the government, and it seems that given they are bought by the likes of Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation, the chances of trusting them are very slight. As Davis makes the point again, just look at China. This model may be coming to a corner store near you soon. In the UK, with its traditional culture of tolerance and not having to have IDs all the time on your person, the government pretended that they weren’t looking into creating a vaccine passport, while at the same time paying 8 different companies to do just that. As Davis points out, in the UK we already have biometric ID on our passports and driver’s licenses. Why is there a need for another one? It is rather suspicious but it’s good to look at the language, as what is being spoken about is a “vaccine passport”, as in ID that will allow you to travel freely, or not. This is different than simply a form of ID to show who you are. It is designed to restrict your movement if you are not complying or you do something they don’t like.

Davis describes the development of NHSX, which is really just a digital NHS where all health data is potentially accessible to whoever manages to get access to it, or who the NHS deliberately shares it with. This potentially includes all of one’s personal data. In the UK, your NHS app can be hacked into by anyone, including GCHQ, the UK spy agency. Nothing is private, everything is accessible, including where you are every minute of every day, thanks to your smart phone and if have the NHS track and trace app on your phone, game is over. Davis mentions organizations like Project Oasis that work to link your data, via the Department of Defence for pseudonymisation. NHSX already works directly with the intelligence agencies and the military.

What is equally shocking, as Davis reveals, is that the EU planned to establish plans for a vaccine passport back in 2018, leading to their roadmap to vaccine passports in early 2019. The 2018 document advocated the need to: "Strengthen partnerships and collaboration with international actors and initiatives, such as the World Health Organisation.. and financing and research initiatives like GAVI the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for epidemic preparedness innovations (CEPI)."

It should be noted that the WHO, GAVI and CEPI are Gates funded and operated organizations. CEPI was only formed in the last few years, GAVI nearly 20 years ago and we know about the WHO and how the current Director General used to work for GAVI, so the players are all in place. The UK transport secretary, Grant Shapps has said that the G7 and its partners were working to ensure a global vaccine certificate system can be established.

Therefore, as of September 2021, the State Franchises know they have to keep the pressure up, induce as much fear as possible, coerce as many people to get the “jab” and at the same time increase mandates to make non-compliance virtually impossible. It is happening now in France and Italy in Europe and in North America. It is likely to get worse in other countries very soon. If more people woke up to the implications of this, it could be stopped but as Davis shows in this chapter, the game is already quite advanced and most people are still going along with it, for now. But resistance is rising and in countries with the most draconian methods, many, many people are saying NO! Enough.