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Pseudopandemic: A Book Review. Part Two




  • Chapter 6: Pseudopandemic lockdowns: Chapter 7: Covid Catch 22; Chapter 8: Unthinkable Happens; Chapter 9: The Pseudopandemic Opportunity; Chapter 10: The Official Story; Chapter 11; Hybrid War

Summary: The consequences of lockdown are clear. They don’t work and do more harm than good and yet governments insist on them being possibly used in the future, with little pushback from the media. Why is this? The propaganda war continues, death registrations are distorted, leading to manipulation of figures, do not resuscitate notices are put on beds in care homes and the UK government plans for further restrictions to freedom of speech and ramping up the propaganda war to keep the fear levels high. What is really going on?

Chapter Six, “Pseudopandemic lockdowns” discusses the flawed strategy of lockdowns and all the evidence that trying to “suppress” the virus by imprisoning a population doesn’t work. He cites all the evidence to show how this decision was initially based on flawed projections and then propelled by WHO narratives and the larger political agenda. He goes further in stating that lockdowns were deliberately designed to increase mortality and induce yet more fear and control in societies. Therefore, taking his gloves off, Davis accuses the Core Conspirators and Informed Influencers of deliberately manipulating the situation to benefit their larger agenda, a technocratic coup d’etat designed to control and manipulate the global population for their own agenda, which he defines a “biosecurity state.” People willingly gave up essential freedoms for apparent “safety”. Since lockdowns were first introduced and then repeated and now in September 2021 being reinforced in Australia and New Zealand in the most draconian manner possible, so much evidence has accumulated that in every way they do more harm than the damage caused by Covid 19. In spite of all this evidence, lockdowns are still being justified and possibly to be repeated if “cases” go up. In Australia and New Zealand, based on a paltry number of cases, in the case of New Zealand, one positive case, whole parts of the country have been locked down. Aukland, with a population of 2 million plus has been locked down for weeks (in October 2021), for one case and maybe a few more positive now. Australia has declared martial law and the Premier of Victoria threatens to “lock out of society” all non-vaccinated people. Is this just simple insanity or part of an ever-evolving experiment in a psychological operations agenda, seeking to control the population in ever-increasing ways.

One of the key factors in justifying lockdowns is in the dismissal of natural immunity. This “omission” in common sense then justifies trying to suppress a virus by locking down whole populations, with the resultant decimation of health, economic well-being and a slew of other consequences. What has been seen many times is that when lockdowns are released, cases then increase as people haven’t been able to develop an immunity and therefore become vulnerable to subsequent infections, including the so-called variants being seen. Lockdowns only incubate viral contamination and allow them to spread more virulently as was seen in the deeply flawed care home strategy employed in many countries, by putting infected people back into care home situations. A large percentage of deaths (between 40-70%) in the first phases of Covid-19 were in care homes all over the world.

As Davis clearly states, lockdowns don’t work and what seems even more drastic is that governments knew they didn’t work. And yet, more are being threatened. Davis quotes UK scientific committees and even the WHO, who prior to 2019 did NOT recommend lockdown strategies as being an effective strategy for containment of an epidemic disease. Davis quotes the evidence that showed that lockdowns did NOT contain the epidemic, and did not reduce mortalities. Even a United Nations report stated this and yet, Governments continue to do exactly that.

Davis further deconstructs the myth of asymptomatic spreaders, that is, people with no symptoms or even testing negative, who none the less can spread the disease to the vulnerable. This myth is central to the lockdown strategy as in this scenario, everyone is a potential carrier of Covid 19, a threat. He looks at the evidence to justify this conclusion and finds there is no evidence and no merit in their being asymptomatic spreaders. It is yet one more artificial construct, a lie in other words.

Chapter 7, Covid Catch 22 further explores the “dodgy data” being pushed out by the various State Franchises as Davis calls the State actors. Inflated RT-PCR scores, asymptomatic transmissions, exaggerated deaths of Covid 19 because of changes in death registration, encouraged by the WHO and the CDC in the USA - all make understanding the real facts a big challenge. Davis attempts to unravel these issues, which continues daily on most TVs in the world, especially in Western Europe, North America and Australasia where the pressure is greatest. For most people, figuring out the truth is pretty much impossible. One fascinating, if terrifying fact is how in the UK, flaws in the death certificate registration process allowed a mass murderer, Harold Shipman, a British GP to murder many patients and get away with it for years. Even after being caught, it took many years for the UK government to tighten the death certificate process, which it finally did in 2016, only to roll back these reforms in the current pandemic, making death registration highly subjective and unaccountable. The Coronavirus Act in the UK indemnified all British GPs from malpractice or negligence and allowed a medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) to be signed by a doctor without a doctor actually being there. On top of the WHO’s relaxed guidelines for death registration, it allowed doctors to classify virtually any death as due to Covid 19. The new guidelines allowed doctors to classify death due to Covid 19 without any confirmatory test. Clinical judgement was enough. In the new WHO MCCD guidelines, anything that looks like Covid 19 IS Covid 19 and therefore all deaths will be classified as Covid 19, whether or not a positive test has been found.

Given the nature of Covid 19 pathologies and their similarity to other respiratory and infectious diseases, like the flu, it means that many, many deaths are now Covid 19 when they could well be something else. However, their game so far has worked and the death figures in the USA for Covid 19, stated as being around 650,000 in September 2021, are trotted out daily in the MSM, and being used to rachet up the arguments for mandatory vaccines. The noose is getting tighter daily for those who choose not to be vaccinated, especially in North America, Europe and Australasia, the “Five Eyes” group of Anglo-Saxon countries that share a common intelligence alliance. However, Italy and France are now ahead of the game with their medical apartheid strategies. However, if what Davis says is true, then all the mortality figures in the world need to be questioned. In 2020 it seemed the flu didn’t kill anybody. Figures weren’t even taken. How many cases of the flu were now categorized as Covid 19? Given the WHO and other countries allowing death registration processes to be made more lax, then there is justifiable suspicion that what we are being told about Covid-19 mortalities is simply not true. The WHO stated that a death should be classified as Covid 19 even if it is suspected that Covid 19 “contributed” to the death of a person. So, a person dies from Cancer but at the end got pneumonia. Good enough. Its Covid 19!! Davis describes the extraordinary loose situation that has transpired in the UK, when doctors don’t even have to see the deceased but can base it on reports from care givers not medically qualified to give such information. In these situations, post-mortems to confirm cause of death were deemed unnecessary. A suspected or untested or negative tested patient could still be classified as Covid 19 and that would be enough. The role of a coroner was discouraged and coroners were strongly recommended by the Chief Coroner not to talk to the media. Any medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) that said Covid-19 is just that, no questions asked! It gets worse. The government removed the need for a 2nd opinion prior to cremation so people who died of Covid-19 could be cremated against family wishes, in the event that the family wanted a 2nd opinion. Even in the MSM, there were stories of families complaining bitterly about their dead relatives being diagnosed as Covid-19 deaths when the evidence simply wasn’t there.

In Chapter Eight, Unthinkable Happens, the author discusses the difficult topic of recognizing that our governments could deliberately be exaggerating and manipulating the mortality figures and creating a cloak of lies around the whole Covid-19 pandemic. He admits that it may be hard to stomach but then goes into details how western governments have been involved in many false-flag operations for decades, including killing many of its own citizens and blaming it onto others. One famous example is Operation Gladio which involved organizing terrorist bombings in Italy and blaming it on far-left groups when it was in fact far-right groups working with NATO, and additional blame being put on The Soviet Union. The author then goes on to describe the policies enacted by the UK and other governments, that took possibly infected people back into care homes, didn’t offer any protection (PPEs) to staff, didn’t have adequate testing, encouraged staff to self-isolate, leading to a chronic shortage of staff, increased the fear through the MSM, locked down the rest of the population, inducing yet more fear, making it impossible for the elderly to receive any family support (even with protection) etc. All of which can only have increased mortality considerably due to other things, not just Covid-19 infections in the care homes. They stopped safety inspections of homes and residents often had Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) on their beds without their consent. The British Medical Journal wrote a report on the “staggering number of non-covid deaths during this time”. Very little medical help was available for the homes for elderly people struggling with many diseases, let alone the added threat of Covid-19 coming from people forced to leave hospitals and taken back into the care homes. There is enough evidence to prosecute governments all over the world because of these flawed and deliberate strategies that has led to many extra deaths.

Chapter Nine, The Pseudopandemic Opportunity, examines further the UK State Franchise’s strategies in care homes. The government attempted to repeat the care home fiasco in the winter of 2020/2021 but care homes and local authorities rebelled and refused to accept patients back from hospitals in the same way. Insurers of care homes also rebelled against this. Initially therefore, there was no great rise in the deaths in care homes until the first vaccine trials were rolled out in December 2020. According to the author, and quoting the Care Quality Commission of the UK (CQC), there was a 46% increase in care home deaths in just one week during the vaccine roll out. The author describes yet more destructive policies in that winter, including more Do Not Resuscitate notices and makes the conclusion that the State Franchise (in this case the UK government) acted deliberately, knowing its policies would create more suffering and death, which ideally could be attributed to Covid-19 when it was due to their own policies. Those who cannot accept that their own government would deliberately conceive and carry out such actions may experience “cognitive dissonance”, but which in fact is a centrally recurring theme in the ongoing debate and polarization occurring in many societies. One group still believe in the basic benevolence of government and even big corporations like the pharmaceutical industry. They can’t imagine that what the author is implying could be remotely true. And then there are those who can only shake their heads at the depths and degrees to which the core conspirators and the informed deceivers are willing to go to fulfil their agenda. The author challenges us to consider these things. It is not necessarily easy but needs to be done if a true analysis of the pandemic is to take place.

Chapter 10, The Official Story, deconstructs the way in which the MSM works to serve the State Franchises, especially using the UK as an example, and the Global Public Private Partnership (GPPP) as described by the author. In a detailed breakdown of the players and organizations that construct and disseminate the narrative for public consumption, the concept of a free press in a democracy looks ever more tenuous. The pseudopandemic has only revealed this in a far more open way for all to see, if only people could see it and not instinctively believe that what the BBC says is true. He exposes many of the important players that have been involved in ensuring that only one narrative is allowed. He also discusses how on March 20th 2020, the UK government signed a £119 million contract with OMD group, a subsidiary of US based Omicom to create the Covid marketing campaign. This was just after the WHO declared the pandemic on March 11th and before the 1st UK lockdown of March 23rd. That contract had to be in the making for weeks or months before hand. This was reported in the UK Daily Telegraph even, and it also questioned the billions of pounds spent by the government on other contracts to private companies.

Chapter 11, the Hybrid War, describes in more detail how the powers that be attempted to control and manipulate the narrative, especially on social media channels, using in the UK the Cabinet’s Rapid Response Unit (RRI), designed to control any agenda and control dissenting narratives. The author distinguishes “The Newsmedia” from the Mainstream Media (MSM). The latter are already controlled, whereas the former is somewhat more independent and have been the ones doing serious journalism and if needed, confronting the propaganda from the governments through the MSM. Therefore, they become the focus of both government bodies and private organizations, including so-called Fact Checkers to counter any dissent or criticism of the pandemic narrative. This is when the author discusses the role of the British Army’s 77th Brigade, who worked along with the intelligence agency, GCHQ, in creating its pro-vaccine narrative and suppressing any other opinions. He describes the 77th Brigade as an information warfare unit. They work alongside other government bodies and specialized information warfare units. He also mentions the UK Human Covert Intelligence Act which sailed through the UK parliament with little resistance which will allow the government and its operatives to break any law in the name of “national security” or “national interest.” And then we have the growing number of “Fact Checkers”, groups that have websites and whose mandate is in theory to navigate all forms of media to see what is true and to comment on that. In reality though it is yet one more arm of State interests to ensure that their narrative dominates the media airwaves and any real dissent is ridiculed or suppressed. He uses the organization “Full Fact” as an example. Ostensibly an independent charity, the author reveals its connections to government and private bodies deeply connected to central power and control and that their role is simply to control the narrative of information and knowledge in the media sphere. They are essentially control mechanisms for the State’s interests and its messages to the people.