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Monsanto The Gates Foundation and the Future of Food

  • Teaser: he following article comes from Pambazuka news (Pan African Voices for Freedom and Justice) and all credit goes to this organization for their work, including that of looking at the pressure of the GMO industry in African and elsewhere.   This article was written nearly 10 years ago and yet remains relevant and important to the situation today in Africa, especially as the consequences of the Covid19 lockdown in African countries is having such a significant economic impact. It is also relevant given the influence of the Gates Foundation in the development not only of vaccines but also in the broader biotechnology world. This article shares some of these concerns. Nidhi Tandon | 15 November 2011 | technologies, seeds & biodiversity | United States
Thanks to the US’s 2009 Global Food Security Act, food aid policy for the first time mandates the use of genetic modification technologies. Nidhi Tandon looks at how this legislation helps biotechnology companies monopolise the seed industry at the...

Genetically Modified Food: Insanity or the Future of Food:

  • Teaser: As with most things to do with food, the subject is full of controversy and conflicting evidence. Advocates of GMO’s think it will be the next agricultural revolution, bringing increased yields and a more sustainable agriculture to the world and its ever-growing population, while critics claim the health risks, environmental damage and financial exploitation of poor farmers threatens the future of food.
Can we really trust the agricultural industry and companies like Monsanto, or governments that seem under their influence, when they attempt to assuage people’s concerns? Or, are the concerns of many people simply naïve doubts about scientific progress...