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Tales from the road.

It is a pivotal time for us all to ask important questions about the future of our world.

Vaccines and the Surveillance Society: The Technocracy is Already Here

This article was written originally in February/March 2021, claiming that forms of vaccine/health pass compromise our freedom and human rights. it also warned how the technology use to collect data on us can be used by private corporations and be a form of control. Fast forward 8 months and we are at the edge of the precipice. Mandatory vaccines are getting closer, which means ongoing, constant surveillance. The nightmare is in full daylight. 

A Global Monitoring System coming to you

This article was originally written in March/April 2021 and now over 6 months later, we are seeing how these plans are now being rollled out in various countries. The signs are ominous but most don't still see the agenda behind vaccine passports. Watch this video and read the article. Things are moving fast now. We need to know what plans are being made for us. 

Pseudopandemic: A Book Reivew: Part Eight

THE TIMING OF THE PSEUDOPANDEMIC: WHY NOW AND WHO WILL BENEFIT The timing of the pandemic and its exploitation is important to see in order to understand what is at stake. The financial pressures being put on the global system with the geo-political uncertainties, especially in the USA and the state of the US Dollar as the global reserve currency has put more pressure on global elites to act
Deep Thoughts on freedom
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We are living in times where getting objective news is becoming harder.

Kenya's slippery slope to Covid-19 mandates

Kenya is looking to copy Countries in Europe in mandating Covid-19 vaccines. 

A State of Insanity or Collective Delusion

The world is become insane. The Austrian government (who else) has now declared that covid vaccines are to be mandatory from February 2022. Other countries will likely soon follow. Albert Einstein has been attributed to the following statement:

What is E10 fuel and is it safe

Riding motorbikes is a great thing to do. But you have to look after them and know what kind of fuel to use
Deep Thoughts on freedom