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The Latest Crap from the WHO

  • Teaser: It really is hard to bare. How can people take the WHO seriously after two years of relentless propaganda

The Latest Crap from the WHO

Yesterday, February 11th 2022, according to the esteemed British Broadcasting Organization, the head of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, declared that the “acute phase” of the Covid-19 pandemic could be over by around June 2022. Phew!! Thanks Tedros. BUT, he said, this was only on the condition that 70% of the world’s (adult?) population was vaccinated by then!

Ah, Tedros, you better contact Houston, because we have a problem. The first and most obvious one is that the vaccines don’t work, well at least not for long and even with Pfizer and Moderna and others pumping out the billions of vaccines, 5 billion people, with say, 4 doses a year of a vaccine (given the 3 month average efficacy), means 20 billion doses a year. Yes, they can be produced but distributing them and coercing people into getting them. That takes some effort and manpower. And anyway, why 70% of the world's population. Hasn't the acute phase of Covid already passed. Tedros. Wake up!!

Here is some utterly rough maths on the subject. Let’s assume the following:

Average of 75% of people in modern, industrialized economies (Western Europe, North America, Australasia, South East Asia, (maybe China) are fully vaccinated. (what does fully vaxxed mean now? Who knows but anyway!)

Average of 40% in less industrialized countries or countries in the old soviet bloc, including Eastern Europe, the “stans”, parts of Asia, parts of Middle East etc.

Average of 20% in much of Sub Saharan Africa and other more remote places.

This is really a rough overview but let’s focus on Africa a bit, Tedros’ original home included, in Ethiopia. Africa has 1.3 billion people, about 1/6th of the world’s population. If Tedros wants to get to his 70%, then Africa is going to have to be a big focus and will be his biggest challenge. So, far, South Africa has vaccinated about 25% of its people, and this is after 2 years of relentless lockdowns, an aggressive propaganda campaign, a fairly well-developed public heath structure than can facilitate vaccine distribution. 25% is all!! In spite of all the utter bullshit one reads in the MSM about the challenges of distribution and not having access to vaccines in South Africa and elsewhere, the fact is that most South Africans don’t want the vaccine. No thank you, they are saying. They know the lies. So, what is Tedros going to do because as South Africa goes, the rest of Africa may follow.

I am not going to even look at all the figures and try and match the so-called maths of the regular media and organizations like the WHO and CDC that are not exactly renowned for telling the truth. But the fact is that no country in Sub-Saharan Africa is going to have higher than 25% vaccinated now, with certain exemptions. Those countries with a more authoritarian centralized control mechanisms, such as Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya may be able to vaccinate more of their people. These countries are very aggressive now in their government control. Kenya has been attempting to virtually mandate the vaccine, but it has got stuck in the courts. In Uganda, President Museveni has been in power over 30 years and initiated very strict lockdowns, so it is likely he is pushing the vaccine strongly, as is Rwanda. However, even in these countries, which are not that big, accessing all the villages is not easy, especially if people are reluctant. I have heard stories about Mozambique where health authorities simply go into villages and forcibly vaccinate people. They give them no choice but Mozambique is a huge country. It’s going to be tough for the government to get the numbers up. In neighbouring Eswatini, which also borders South Africa, my friends tell me that laround 28% are vaccinated but most people have had enough and the government can’t really coerce people more. Pop up centres have closed and health centres are not so busy. Eswatini has a well developed health system in many ways as they have  a lot of foreign NGOs there working in HIV/AIDS and its small country, population 1.1 miillion with easy transport access. But they even had to destroy some batches of vaccines as they had expired so it seems the impetus has gone. So for the WHO to try and up the ante again may be hard. Maybe that's why we are now reading about a new "variant" of HIV that has conveniently popped out of nowhere. 

In Tanzania, another large country, life has remained relatively normal during the pandemic. The former President, Magafuli, refused to go along with WHO mandates, saying God will take of things, and famously sent samples of goat hair, engine oil, mango and other non-human items for PCR testing, which came back positive. He sacked the head of the department responsible for this. However, he then suddenly and very strangely died of a “heart attack”, soon after. The new President, a Samia Suluhu Hassan, seemed more compliant, turning up with a mask on, and is connected to the World Economic Forum. However, on the ground Tanzania has been mostly carrying on as normal and vaccine uptake is not high.

In West Africa, Ghana has been beginning to aggressively pursue the vaccine agenda and saying they won’t let non vaccinated people come into the country. I don’t know about neighbouring countries, but Burkina Faso is busy having a coup and Mali is in a perpetual state of upheaval so it’s unlikely a massive vaccine programme is top of their agenda. Nigeria is Nigeria and so getting a country of that size and complexity – about 180 million people spread over a huge distance, with very difficult tribal, cultural and religious mixes all there, not to mention Lagos, a city of 21 million plus. The fact remains that if enough of the people of Nigeria, simply say no to the vaccine and don’t want to do it, there is not much the authorities can do about it. And then there’s Ethiopia, Tedros’ home turf, hovering on the edge of civil war. In spite of having a fairly centralized political control structure, the demographics, challenging geography and political dynamics make it hard to even begin to think the 70% vaccine rate is possible.

Tedros knows this so what’s his plan. Well, he wants to get more vaccines spread around the world, and even at the expense of all the insane booster plans of the wealthy countries who are busy spending our grandkids pensions on yet more vaccines, a lot of whom will expire before they are given. It’s those that Tedros wants taken to Africa and elsewhere. But he actually has a point, if you believe in the vaccine. Why would rich countries be so obsessed with a 3rd and 4th booster, when they know that millions of poorer countries don’t have them or people don’t have access to them. The insane and frankly sick programme to push boosters to deal with “Omnicrom” (I got a text from UK gov, thanks guys), when they knew it doesn’t even work for Omnicrom and if you need a 3rd booster after only 6 months from the 1st two, for a much weaker variant of the original virus, what does it say about the whole thing. It says they don’t work and the whole vaccine agenda is worse than useless. It is actually killing people.

But it is hypocritical of richer countries to push the boosters if many in developing countries, including Africa, don’t have them. But actually, in the end, Africans are better off without them. Covid-19 figures for much of Africa have never been high. They tried pushing numbers up in South Africa but the lockdowns killed way more people than Covid. Even John Hopkins University said that lockdowns will likely cause another ½ million cases of TB in the world as a result. It has to be hoped that some African leaders will not take the bait and the bribes and begin to try and vaccinate their population, which if they do, will likely be very coercive and violent. Sub Saharan Africa has one of the youngest populations on the planet and they don’t need the vaccine. They need work and decent opportunities. And they don’t need to be part of Tedros’ Dr Strangelove obsession to vaccinate the planet, Tedros simply doing what he’s told by his mentor and personal funder, Bill Gates. Africa resist.