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Pseudopandemic: A Book Reivew: Part Three



  • Chapter 12: Lockdown Mortality; Chapter 13: Core Beliefs; Chapter 14: Population Control Eugenics; Chapter 15: Sustainable Eugenics; Chapter 16: Technocracy Rising; Chapter 17: Constructing the Technate

Summary: Lockdown policies were only the first step in the evolution of a controlled, technocratic society, following the narratives of organizations like the World Economic Forum, the Tri-Lateral Commission and Rockefeller Foundation. The rise of a technocratic state, or Technate, with China leading the way and being backed by Western powers that created the technology in the first place, may be a precursor to what is planned for the remains of Western democracies. Behind all this is a legacy of eugenics ideology, which may be now disguised in the language of climate change and impending environmental crisis.

Chapter 12, Lockdown Mortality explores the social, economic and health consequences of Lockdown strategies, using UK government figures to reveal how because of lockdown, access to normal healthcare nearly disappeared, leading to a large rise in mortality in homes and care facilities as people couldn’t access health care. Increased suicides, economic displacement, increase in poverty, impacts on child welfare, food challenges and a slew of other significant consequences show that lockdown strategies caused more deaths than Covid. It is sobering reading and implicates the UK and other governments in not only implementing this strategy but also in covering up the truth about it.

In Chapter 13, Core Beliefs, and Chapter 14, Population Control Eugenics, the author analyses the somewhat hidden and darker agendas that may be fuelling the pseudopandemic and giving the pandemic its true colours. This involves exploring the dark and yet powerful world of eugenics theory and practice and how since the horrors of the holocaust in which the Nazis took the eugenics concept that had first been seriously formulated in 19th century Britain and early 20th century USA and attempted to implement it as part of their final solution. After the 2nd World War, it was no longer fashionable to discuss things in this way and so the Eugenics movement changed its stripes somewhat but didn’t really change their ideas. Fundamentally, according to eugenics ideology, there are too many people of the wrong sort on the planet and something needs to be done about it. It is continuation of a thought paradigm that believes that certain privileged elites in the world have the natural right to impose their will onto the rest, and that includes finding ways to reduce the population of “lesser” sorts, by any means necessary. While for the majority of people, these ideas are abhorrent, it is remarkable that one can still see the same basic ideas at play. The author explores this and he also explores the agenda of highly influential individuals and organizations, who in their apparent concern for the planet and the consequences of “climate change” are ignoring the suffering of millions of people due to the socio/economic inequities of a corrupt financial system. The author makes the link that some of the same people who seem to now be concerned about anthropogenic global warming have distinct connections to eugenics ideology. The Rockefeller Foundation have suddenly become “green” and have pledged to fund the “green Covid-19 recovery” and are committed to the “green new deal”, which allies them with environmentalists, liberals and others who normally wouldn’t want to go anywhere near the Rockefellers. David Rockefeller supported the creation of the Club of Rome, one of the elite groups influencing the world today, and it was the Club of Rome who first spoke about Global Warming in their 1972 book “Limits to Growth” and then also in subsequent books, admitting that the Global Warming concept was a convenient ruse to reveal the fact that, according to them, there are too many humans on the planet. In their meetings and in those of the Population Council, founded by another Rockefeller, concern is mostly about the population numbers and their consumption of the earth’s resources, not about a more equal distribution of these resources and a true development of democratic accountability.

So, the author makes this connection that some of the most influential players on the planet who historically have been very involved in eugenics ideology are now seemingly extremely concerned about climate change and in particular the role of humans in creating it and what they can do about it. This is why even Bill Gates has written a book on climate change and why he said that confronting the challenge of climate change will be much harder than dealing with Covid-19. What does he actually mean by this? In President Biden’s administration, on his Coronavirus Task Force, he has Dr Ezekiel Emmanuel (Brother of Rahm Emannuel). Emmanuel is a fellow of the Rockefeller funded Hastings Institute, along with another bioethicist, Peter Singer. Singer wrote in one book how it was fine to kill babies up to 2-3 years old as they not really autonomous at that age. Emmanuel has also come out with some humdingers that should make us look for the straightjacket. Davis therefore questions the ongoing influence of such people in the current U.S. administration.

Another link the author makes is how the development of digital technology, Artificial Intelligence, gene drive technology and other manipulations of the human genome can now take place and that are in fact already being used, including in vaccine technology. The Moderna vaccine was created in partnership the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) who are steeped in this new technology of Artificial Intelligence and gene drive technology, which of course could be used for military purposes. The convergence of the biological and digital worlds is more evolved than many of us realize and governments, pharmaceutical companies and others are racing ahead with this technology with little oversight of its ethical, political and scientific implications. Gene drive technology has also been called “gene death technology” as it can be used to switch on and off genetic markers that may leave those implanted infertile or worse. In 2016 The UN Convention on Biodiversity recommended a moratorium on gene drive technology. This was blocked, with the assistance of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The fact that DARPA has been involved in the Moderna vaccine, using this technology should raise many questions and yet the MSM remains mostly silent.

While connecting the history of eugenics to climate change and now to the pseudopandemic, the author is making some serious accusations as to the true nature of what is happening and who is behind it. It may seem unpalatable to contemplate and may challenge us on an existential level – can it really be this bad, is it really possible for this to be co-ordinated in such a way and is it acceptable to consider that many of those in political power are willingly doing the bidding of extremely powerful core conspirators (to use the author’s description) that are deliberately pushing the planet and all of us in it to an unrecognizable future? For some, it may be too far and as we have seen during the epidemic, default belief systems kick in, creating a deep disconnect and profoundly different reactions to the crisis, which has been seen especially around the vaccine issue. The polarization has become extreme, with people interpreting the situation in vastly different ways. Some would say this is exactly what was planned. Pushing vaccines to the exclusion of all other options, coercing as many to comply as possible, demonizing those that don’t conform, to the point of legislation and isolation from society, a strategy the Nazis employed during their rise to power. Create the internal enemy, the new domestic terrorist, back this up with legislation and police powers and all the forces are in play for another round of vicious totalitarianism. As this is written on November 14th, Austria, the country where Hitler was born, has enacted a law locking down all those who are not vaccinated. The unvaccinated now become the new “undesirable”, and similar to what happened in Germany in the 1930s, to the Jews, blacks, gypsies and others that didn’t fit, were at first identified, then restricted from society and finally exterminated. It may not go to the same level as then, but the impulse is the same. Interestingly, this directly contravenes the Nuremberg code, banning coercive medical treatments, written as a result of what the Germans and their allies did in the 2nd World War.

In Chapter 15, Sustainable Eugenics, and Chapter Sixteen, Technocracy Rising, the author explores the influence of Edmond de Rothchild, who at the 4th World Wilderness Conference in 1987 introduced the concept of the commodification of nature. It is a fascinating story of how some of most powerful global financial players became linked to the green sustainability movement through their idea to monetize nature and the whole carbon trading/bonds, environmental taxation and green covid recovery plans and green new deals. These can all be linked to plans to monetize nature through controlling all the “global commons”, those qualities of the planet that are meant to belong to all, not in the possession of any one group of people. According to the author, these financial elites plan to dominate and monetize all aspects of nature and to do it through forms of carbon bonds and carbon taxes.

The term Technocracy has become more commonly used since Covid-19 arrived. Although forms of technocracy have been understood for some time, the term originating in the USA in the 1930s and part of the development of social sciences and modern technology (including comments in a book in 1982 by Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Secretary of State in Jimmy Carter’s administration), elites have understood for a while how modern technology can be used to control and monitor populations. The term “Technocracy” was created to describe the development and integration of technology into a systems approach to societies worldwide, an integrated approach of measurement and control of resources and consumption. In the modern day however, we are seeing it as a form of centralized control and power that governments and large corporations have over people. This is being seen in glorious technicolour in China, with their permanent surveillance systems and social credit scores. The thing is though, is that we are not far behind in Europe and North America. In this way, according to the author, Technocracy is the tool through which their global plans for complete “full spectrum domination” over the world’s population and all natural resources will take place. It will be explained to us through organizations like the World Economic Forum and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), utilizing the narrative of “green speak”, “embracing the planetary resources for the benefit of all.” Except of course, given all historical precedents the global elites are really planning to simply steal yet more resources for themselves and keep the rest of us in penury. Is this a fair assessment of things or not? The author goes into this question and makes the connections to suggest this is exactly what is happening and the fact that Covid-19 was needed to allow the roll out of this technocratic nightmare.

Global elite influencers like David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founders of the Tri-Lateral Commission had an open and well declared reverence for Chairman Mao of China and how he created a new Chinese unity, which in the process allowed the starvation of 40 million of his own people. They supported, along with Henry Kissinger, the development of China’s economy and technological capacity, without putting too much pressure on the country for democratic reform. Their concern was to use China to support the type of technological development and control of its people without inconvenient social and political reforms. Therefore, in seeing the development today of China’s technocratic control state, with a capitalist economy wrapped in a communist cloak of totalitarian control, it was a model that could be emulated in the USA and elsewhere.

Since 9/11 we have now seen advances in technology and implementation of centralized surveillance and control mechanisms, using the terrorist and biological threats as justifications to establish a more complete control of society. Covid-19, in this regard is simply the next phase of operations.

In Chapter 17, Constructing the Technate, the author outlines the history of one of the most important historical players in the development the new technocracy and in particular its development in China. That person was Henry Kissinger who worked for the Rockefeller Fund, was on the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CLR) and which through its bank Chase Manhatten, created a close bond with Deng Xiaping, the Chinese leader who followed Mao and which led to the opening up of the Chinese economy to foreign investment. This led to the dramatic rise in the status of China as a global economic power and along with that led to the technocratic revolution that we see today and which may soon be fully implemented in Western countries. David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski were very active players during this time in the 1980s. This continued in the 1990s with Bill Clinton in power, including more controversial military technology. The development of research and development in China and further offshoring of jobs from the USA also led to greater dependency on China, the evisceration of jobs in the USA, including in the production of computer chips and which in time led to a backlash, which came in the form of Donald Trump. Whatever Trump’s real motives were, he put his finger on it. The USA economy had suffered domestically by global financial players investing so heavily in China, which also upset the geopolitical dynamic on the surface, especially during Trump’s tenure

However, the author makes the case that the GPPP in fact are continuing to be heavily involved in China’s growth including the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in which many countries are now part of, creating an economic and physical link between many countries. In spite of it supposedly being a threat to the western order, it is actually part of a more cohesive agenda to create a global model of economic and political power that encompasses China. It is now widely discussed that China is now a “technocracy”, run by technocrats under the swathe of the cult of “scientism.”

Technocracy is defined by the author, as a totalitarian system where the individual is sacrificed to communitarianism. Communitarianism has different expressions and definitions, both political and philosophical, but in a Chinese context is a continuation of communist collectivism, which deeply subordinates individual autonomy and identity to that of the collective whole, which in this case is the Chinese Communist Party. Technocracy is the tool by which this political and social structure can fully express itself today in its totalitarian form. The West, with its tradition of democracy and liberal individualism has historically not been so easily consumed into a form of technocratic totalitarianism. But it is getting there and it seems that China was a dry run by the GPPP to implement very similar structures of power in Western democracies, not to mention the rest of the world. For the GPPP, it is now important to first roll it out in Western Europe, North America and Australasia. Once that has been done, other countries will follow accordingly.

A small, if interesting example of increasing communitarian thinking in Covid 19 times came in the form of the US based American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which historically has stood on the platform of freedom of speech, above all other things, an expression of liberal individualism and democracy. However, they recently stated that mandated vaccines are good because they encourage civil liberties by protecting the aged and vulnerable. So, forcing medical experimentation onto a significant number of people - say 25% of the population to protect an even smaller % of the vulnerable population from Covid-19 actually supports freedom of speech. Are we at end times when such twisted logic can be seriously opined by the ACLU?

The author describes the plans of people within the GPPP, including George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski, describing the importance of bringing China into the global fold, the New World Order ( a term that in the last thirty years has been a virtual mantra for world leaders) empowering them to develop their own means of technological capacity and connection to the increasingly privatized, post-nation state, where the true power lies in the global banking systems that transcend national borders. So, a contradiction exists in that the GPPP, representing the narrow interests of an elite globalist financial group, has supported the development of a powerful state player, China, in developing the model of totalitarian technocracy that will be used to control people all over the world. China benefits, especially the Communist Party, the GPPP benefits and everyone else loses. The author graphically describes how this new Technate is working in China and how pervasive it is to control EVERYTHING a person does and that with the social credit system fully operational and now being backed with a digital currency system, the Chinese authorities can literally starve a person if they wish to by cutting off access to everything, including their money. The pressure to comply will be immense.