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Big Brother in Waiting: The Coming Technocracy

  • Teaser: As the COVID19 crisis trundles on, behind the scenes huge plans are being rolled out to create a surveillance culture that will dwarf anything we have seen before, and it will be justified in the name of keeping us safe from COVID19 and future pandemics.

“The Technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.

Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

-Zbigniew Brzezinski. Between Two Ages: America’s role in the Techtronic Era

(Zbigniew Brzezinski was the National Security Advisor for the Jimmy Carter administration in the USA between 1977 and 1981. He co-founded the Tri-Lateral Commission with David Rockefeller and was seen as a democratic version of Henry Kissinger.)

The All-Seeing Surveillance Culture

These plans involve using all aspects of modern Artificial Intelligence technology to monitor citizens in as many countries as possible. It is tied to the development of biometric identification technology as a form of I.D. and also carry vaccine and other health information, financial and personal information and be the form of “cashless society” that is being widely discussed. This technology has been gradually ramped up in the last twenty years, especially in the USA and UK. Since 9/11 and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, a massive monitoring and surveillance system has been established. This was revealed most profoundly through Edward Snowden’s disclosures in 2013. Since then, it has simply increased and Covid19 is now bringing the reality of this situation to a head.

Western countries have been paying attention to how China is already using this technology to monitor its citizens. In the now infamous Rockefeller Foundation report of 2010,  Scenarios for the Future of Technology and Human Development, it gave a “lockstep” scenario as one of its possible future situations for human societies – with martial law imposed, a breakdown in the social order, quarantines, borders closing etc.  The Chinese model was seen as being more successful in that scenario, given its existing ability to control its citizens. The concern of China’s success in developing forms of Artificial Intelligence was already formulated last year by the US government with plans how to deal with this and to develop the very forms of surveillance control and monitoring now being seen. The depth and complexity of these plans were explored in the following article in LastAmericanVagabond. 

The implementation of having forms of digital I.D. is of course already there, including many of our passports. However, that is only the first step of a much larger plan to create biometric digital I.D. for the whole world. The organization , lays this out very clearly, and it does so in the name of human rights, personal ownership and freedom. The partners in this organization include Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation and GAVI Vaccine Alliance, as well as the technology companies, Accenture and As their site states, “Private sector engagement is critical for solving at scale.” In other words, this is beyond the capacity of national governments. ID2020 states it has to be a transnational operation given the limits of national governments worldwide to do this and that as one in seven people still lack I.D, a digital I.D. will allow them access to services and benefits by becoming a more integrated part of a global society. They envisage how this new technology will allow all current forms of I.D. and services to be integrated together. Their core requirements of a digital I.D., is that it is private, portable, persistent and personal.

ID2020 have been working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the government of Bangladesh in using digital I.D. to have personal information including vaccine records for over 100 million people. . The fact that both the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance are all part of this organization reflects how the agenda for this organization is not merely to create a digital I.D. to support the human rights concerns of poor people in the world, allowing them to access better government care etc. It is to be used to enforce global vaccine agendas, amongst other things, and the word “enforced” is important here, given what Bill Gates, Big Pharma and governments have stated they would like to see. COVID19 is their rationalization for why this may now be necessary but the plans for a form of global biometric I.D. have been planned for some years. The fact that ID2020 already rolled out programmes to provide digital ID with vaccines, which was launched in New York in 2019 showed how linked vaccines and digital I.D. were in the plans of ID2020. One of the partners in ID2020 is GAVI vaccine alliance. In the article referenced, biometric update thought to add this statement: This post was updated at 4:58pm on March 26, 2020 to clarify that the program is intended to allow people to receive vaccination and prove they have received it, not to track individuals, as claimed by some conspiracy theorists.

If you have to prove being vaccinated, is this not a form of tracking. Why should people have to prove that they have been vaccinated unless it is mandatory, or do we trust them when they say it’s just a form of confirmation. Also, can we trust these private organizations with our personal data? In spite of what they say regarding privacy, how do we know our personal data won’t be shared and sold. What if we don’t want to have this digital I.D. card and don’t want to participate in whatever vaccine or health campaign they are planning. For many people, this agenda is simply part of a campaign to create greater control and surveillance over the world’s population and cannot be trusted and this does not make people “conspiracy theorists”.  It may be that those in less developed countries are even more vulnerable than those in developed countries. The UNHCR experiment, using digital I.D. to monitor and assess refugees could easily be abused by those influencing UNHCR in terms of vaccines, drugs and other strategies that may benefit private companies. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have deeply infiltrated various United Nations organizations, including the World Health Organization and are now the largest contributor, since the USA pulled out. BMGF are closely tied to the interests of Big Pharma and have invested in many companies making vaccines. They have been engaged in many vaccine programmes across the world for many years and are one of the largest supporters of GAVI Vaccine Alliance, as well as the Coalition for Emergency Preparedness Initiative (CEPI). These organizations are also the beneficiaries of many millions of dollars of tax payers money from the UK and USA, amongst other countries. Bill Gates has already stated how he sees a form of digital I.D. being used to monitor vaccine uptake and to be a form of control that would dictate a persons’ freedom to travel, amongst other things. These things are not separate issues. Biometric I.D., if being controlled by the wrong people will simply be used as a form of coercion and economic exploitation. If private organizations are able to influence governments to go along with this, then we will realize that private organizations are imposing their agenda onto the world’s population, with the complicity of governments who actually will not be in control of what happens with the information either. The role of the big “philanthropic” organizations like the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation go back a long way, all the way to 1913 when the Rockefeller Foundation was formed. Their role over the years has been highly questionable and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are simply carrying on the tradition.

Testing, Testing, Testing:

In this time of COVID we are seeing how there are now suggestions of biometric digital I.D. programmes to be used to monitor people’s COVID19 status, and could be part of an “immunity passport”. This could easily develop into a universal biometric I.D. that could be part of a monitoring programme, connecting vaccine and health status to all of one’s personal records, including financial records. In theory, this could allow control of a person’s finances which would depend upon the person’s “cooperation”. The Rockefeller Foundation produced another report in April exploring how best to respond to the COVID19 crisis. Called National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities, 

It made the argument that testing is the solution to resolve the crisis and that the USA should employ 100,000-300,000 contact tracers to test and track all Americans, with the goal of being able to test up to 30 million people every week. This would continue until a vaccine or cure is found. It states that this would involve “launching a Covid Community Healthcare Corps so every American can easily get tested with privacy-centric contact tracing; a testing data commons and digital platform to track Covid-19 statuses, resources, and effective treatment protocols across states and be a clearinghouse for data on new technologies.” This would include doing testing door to door, point-of-care office testing etc so all Americans will ideally be tested and on a frequent basis. Already a bill has been forwarded in the USA called H.R.6666 that is seeking to be able to set up a vast contact/tracking programme and to have a budget of $100 billion to do this, just for 2020. The Rockefeller Foundation report then states the need to “Integrate and expand Federal, state, and private data platforms to cover the full range of data required to monitor the pandemic, deploy resources, and remove bottlenecks….Innovative digital technologies can improve workforce monitoring and early detection of recurrent outbreaks.”.. “When integrated into national and state surveillance systems, such innovations may enable the same level of outbreak detection with fewer tests. Promising techniques include anonymous digital tracking of workforces or population-based resting heart-rate and smart thermometer trends; continually updated epidemiological data modelling; and artificial intelligence projections based on clinical and imaging data.”

Therefore, what is being suggested is a health surveillance system, connected to one’s health record, sharing in a national digital system, which would also possibly have the DNA record of everyone tested. This information would be in a government and/or private database. Without even knowing it, the complete DNA records of a population could be collected and stored, in the name of controlling the pandemic and future outbreaks. Is this something we want to do? Can we trust either governments or private corporations, including the Rockefeller Foundation with the collection of our personal data?

The report then states “Monitoring the pandemic and adjusting social distancing measures will require launching the largest public health testing program in American history.” “The effort will ultimately grow to billions of dollars per month although innovations in testing technology should eventually drop costs. But with widespread business closures costing the country $350 billion to $400 billion each month, the expense will be worth it. This testing infrastructure is intended to tide the country over until a vaccine or therapy is widely available.”

The amount of money for this is formidable and one can question where this would come from. The Rockefeller foundation have a solution. “ The Rockefeller Foundation and its finance partners will help create an emergency procurement network, the Emergency Network for Covid-19 Testing, that can leverage public-private credit guarantees, define pooled procurement requirements for critical testing and supplies and negotiate medium term (3-6 month) contracts with suppliers to make sure large volumes of critical supplies are accessible to purchasing cooperatives, health systems, state and local governments, working alone or together, and other buyers. The Foundation will also offer ongoing guidance to these networks.”

In other words, this public-private relationship will involve public money to be given to private companies, facilitated through the Rockefeller Foundation to roll out their agenda. As we have already seen with the money being thrown at drug companies for a vaccine, both in the UK and USA where the biggest vaccine research is based, vast amounts of money, cascading into the many billions, is being siphoned into the pockets of Big Pharma and Big Tech, courtesy of the middle-man Bill Gates and his foundation. At the recent summit in June in the UK, Bill Gates was able to get Boris Johnson to promise yet more many millions for GAVI and CEPI, all for a vaccine that may or may not work, may or may not be safe, may or may not even be very useful. But money is suddenly not an issue as the Federal Reserve in the USA and Bank of England in the UK simply prints more money. The government had already pledged £744 million in May and when Bill Gates arrived in London, Boris just offered more. There is apparently no limit when it comes to combatting COVID19.

The strategy of chasing the virus is central to the Contact/Tracing plan, the idea that if everybody is tested, tracked and traced, one can contain the virus. As the Rockefeller Foundation states “Testing millions of people per week will require hiring a large number of community health workers. The disease is so infectious that reaching and quarantining potential contacts quickly is an urgent priority and maximizes the effectiveness of testing.” However, as we have seen in the UK, there is no guarantee that it will work and at this stage of the pandemic, when all signs are that the virus is declining in intensity and that the most susceptible in the population – aged and already sick – have already been infected. For the rest of the population, COVID19 is simply not a threat. The pandemic may well be over but there is now a need to keep the drama rolling to justify their agenda. The Rockefeller Foundation report implies that testing may need to be mandatory at times as a vaccine may not be ready for over a year. And here is where it gets really good.

If one has a massive programme of Contact/Tracking, then the data collected needs to be stored and a person’s status could potentially be used to further “contain” the virus. Then comes the need for an “immunity passport” and biometric I.D. which would have one’s health status or after a vaccine, one’s vaccine status. This would be a requirement for basic liberties, if one takes Bill Gates at his word. Therefore, what is clear is that the immunity passport concept will only ultimately work when a vaccine is produced. Using antibody tests will never work as they are not accurate and no one knows how long immunity will last and how long antibodies will hang around. They are not even a good indication of immunity anyway. There are serious questions about the whole contact/tracing plan that needs serious questioning. While it may have a value in the early days of a pandemic, to use it as part of a semi-permanent monitoring strategy is very questionable and likely only be used for surveillance and coercion and to enforce vaccine compliance.

 It is worth quoting the Rockefeller Report here again, just to make it clear what they are thinking:

“Those screened must be given a unique Identification number that would link to information about a patient’s viral, antibody and eventually vaccine status under a system that could easily handshake with other systems to speed the return of normal societal functions. Schools could link this to attendance lists, large office buildings to employee ID cards, TSA to passenger lists and concert and sports venues to ticket purchasers. Such connections should be made in a way that protects personally identifying information whenever possible. For example, accessing the viral and antibody status of an individual can be done by using a cryptographic hash of an individual’s private information without actually sending any personally revealing details.”

Let’s be clear here. This is not just about COVID19 now. This is a monitoring system that will link your biometric I.D. to your health and all personal records. This will be used to dictate what a person can and cannot do. No vaccine, no travel, no movement. And this would therefore enforce a mandatory vaccine programme without even calling it mandatory. A person could even be fined for missing a vaccine appointment. Anything is possible once that I.D. is in the hands of the “right” people.

Biometric I.D. in Africa: Freedom or post-colonial exploitation?

COVID19 gives the perfect pretext to roll out the biometric I.D. programme, one that won’t stop with the virus coming and going but will become a central part of the control of the people by governments and corporations. It is already being tested in various countries.  In an article in,, it lays out the plans to link together biometric ID, vaccine records and a future cashless world where the I.D. used will also encompass cashless payments. A collaboration has been formed between the Gates Foundation supported Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), Mastercard and an A.I. company called “Trust Stamp” that would establish the digital I.D. technology. This company has a technology called NuData and along with Mastercard, will be used to combine an I.D with a centralized record keeping of childhood vaccines and a “world without cash”, all conveniently linked together. This “Wellness Pass Program” will be adapted for use when a COVID19 Vaccine becomes available. This programme was first launched in 2018 and GAVI announced in June that it would now also be linked to COVID19. Biometric I.D. programmes have been implemented in many African countries for some years now. Kenya last year rolled out its Huduma Center programme where all citizens and residents gave their biometric information to the government, but working with the French firm responsible for the disputed election results in 2017.. West African countries have had their own programmes, details of which can be found on the website There are many articles concerning the development of biometric I.D. in African countries, at times linked to vaccine information and also with Mastercard with its “Wellness Pass” programme. The article in Mintpress questions the agenda of Mastercard and BMGF who have financial interests in these programmes being implemented. Also, according to the article, contact tracing software was recently used by the police to track protestors in the recent civil unrest in the USA and there are discussions to use Trust Stamps evergreen hash technology for law enforcement and predictive policing.

The ”Wellness Pass” programme offers these companies and organizations a perfect mechanism to dictate and monitor health programmes such as vaccines, with all other health and personal data of people. Also, African countries are now being used as potential guinea pigs to see how well it will work. It can suit African governments in bringing more people into the system and giving them more control over the population, with potentially serious consequences for democratic freedoms, even if the justification is to enhance people’s lives.  In the USA already, predictive analytics in Artificial Intelligence are being looked into for possible future COVID19 outbreaks as well as predicting possible social unrest. What is potentially most alarming is the linking of this I.D. systems to cashless payment systems, which may be justified in the name of containing COVID19, but which ultimately could lead to the end of cash. The level of control that would give private companies and government would be unprecedented in controlling the population.

On the site,  another article stated New approaches to biometrics and digital ID systems in Africa considered to achieve universal coverage, which reported a recent webinair series hosted by ID4Africa entitled “The impact of COVID19 on Identity Management: A Collective Perspective.” Nearly all African countries were represented at the three webinairs hosted by ID4Africa,  which was written by the Executive Chairman, Dr Joseph J. Atick. The article quotes: “It is clear what the world needs now is not a legal identity by 2030, but a useful and safe identity-for-all, now,” Atick writes. The inadequacy of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 16.9 indicator, which is the percentage of children under five years old with birth certificates, in the present circumstance is explored, as is the reaffirmation of the Principles on Identification formulated by the World Bank, with the three pillars taking on heightened importance with people’s broad reliance on effective, safe digital identification.

As taken from ID4Africa’s website, it was “Founded in 2014, ID4Africa is an NGO that accompanies African nations on their journeys to develop robust and responsible Identity ecosystems in the service of development and humanitarian action. The Movement is driven by the need to establish identity-for-all, not just as a legal right consistent with SDG 16.9, but as a practical necessity to enable inclusive access to services in Africa.” Dr Atick was co-founder of ID4Africa and previously was the head of the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory at Rockefeller University and the Neural Cybernetics Group at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

The burgeoning market for biometric I.D. programmes for Africa has seen many international companies looking into the market as a part of the overall economic development of many  countries and the current lack of I.D. for many Africans

Many countries have been developing biometric identifications to be used for elections and many countries already have mobile money systems available for everybody who uses a smart phone. This has allowed many Africans to easily pay for goods and transfer money using their phones, without being connected to a bank account. This has had a radical impact on people’s lives and at the same time has been a source of tax revenue for governments. The development of an integrated biometric I.D. system that can link all aspects of a person’s life to their identification, as part of the “Internet of Things” as it spreads to Africa may profoundly impact the development of these countries. If the bio-metric I.D. is truly secure and is owned by the people themselves and cannot be used by any other body or organization, including the government, or for that matter, Microsoft or the Rockefeller Foundation, then it may have a lot of merit. For example, the following article on biometric update discusses a programme designed by Seattle based international non-profit company, irespond, that seeks to give poor people in various countries their own unique I.D. which they truly own which will be achieved through an iris scan. The article and their website makes it sound like it is a wonderful way to give poor, undocumented and disenfranchised people all over the world their own I.D. which they alone will own. It states that “Our proven identity solution generates a unique identifier that can’t be lost, transferred or taken from someone. Our process does not collect or store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI).” However, when you look at site, you find their partners include the following organizations: World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, Microsoft, ID2020, John Hopkins School of Public Health, amongst others. The organization also says that it is working with leading organizations in the healthcare, clinical trials and protection sectors to help bring the invisibles out of the shadows.”

So, can we trust this? With ID2020 as a partner, we have all the same players, with a global agenda to monitor everything, including your health history. GAVI and Gates Foundation have been making this case now in relation to the COVID19 vaccine. It is not simply about giving poor people of the world their own individual personalized, private I.D. It is about private corporations monitoring individuals in all areas. The risks involved in this level of monitoring of people being used for coercive purposes is very great, not to mention using people in the developing world for clinical trials, something the Gates Foundation has been very involved with for years. When one sees the name of the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Bank involved, one cannot have confidence that their interests are benign, whatever their websites say. And at this point, the views and “opinions” of the World Health Organization need to be seriously challenged, given the increasing politicization of their role in COVID19 and the influence of the Gates Foundation, now their largest donor. The WHO has commented for example on the risks of using cash during this pandemic, which would therefore encourage the move to a cashless society when the technology allows. Africa and the developing world are a perfect place to be exploited in this way.

For the more developed world, we are already using less cash than before, and the power of large banks and other financial corporations looms larger than ever before. However, certain presumptions of individual liberty still prevail – even if more myth than reality. In Africa, people are not being asked if they want to give their personal information that will be taken by governments and private corporations. They are being told they have to do it, even if it is meant only for identification for voting purposes. However, digital identification gives no guarantee even of free elections, if one takes the controversial elections in Kenya as an example.

Covid19 used as mechanism of control

In another article in, it describes how a “digital health passport” or COVI-PASS is being rolled out in 15 countries, which will contain your COVID19 test history and other “relevant health information.” This information will determine if a person can “safely return to work” and resume “social interactions” by providing authorities with up to date health information. One company, VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE) already has a contract with the UK government and has contracts to deploy its technology in 15 countries.

The article makes the case that the intention of this COVI-PASS is not benign. It is simple. It will be used to control everybody and force vaccines and other treatments in order to be able to do anything. As Bill Gates has said “Short of a miracle treatment, which we can't count on, the only way to return the world to where it was before COVID-19 showed up is a highly effective vaccine that prevents the disease.” Antibody testing may be part of the initial phase of this COVI-PASS, but that is fraught with issues, from ineffective tests and the fact that antibodies may not last very long, and which may just be an inefficient monitoring of immunity. There are much more complex immune factors, including T-cells that may maintain immunity but not be shown in any tests given, which also questions how effective any vaccine may be. However, it is all part of a mechanism of ongoing monitoring. Denmark has already “asked” its citizens to download the “immunity passport” that will help facilitate travel, even though the World Health Organization itself said that immunity passports are not such a good idea. 

VST has signed an agreement with Circle Pass Enterprises (CPE) who own COVI-PASS to integrate it their technology into the biometric RFID-enabled “passports” which then can be accessed by a smart phone for example to see what health status you have and whether you may be allowed to go somewhere. This information may be read at a distance by any authorities, so you won’t have to be confronted by some enforcer. It can be done virtually. We are fast forwarding to a situation where all your personal data will be in one place and accessible to authorities at any time. All of this ties in with the plans that Bill Gates, through GAVI and ID2020 and the Rockefeller Foundation has been planning for years – to use digital health I.D. to impose their specific agenda onto the world. If this can be backed by linking all health and personal data to the I.D. giving ever greater control to various authorities, then all to the good.

Taking things even one step further, research is being done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to use microneedles using fluorescent microparticles called quantum dots (QD), which can deliver vaccines and at the same time invisibly encode vaccination history directly in the skin. The near infra-red light (NIR) given off can be read by a specially equipped smartphone.  “It’s possible someday that this ‘invisible’ approach could create new possibilities for data storage, biosensing, and vaccine applications that could improve how medical care is provided, particularly in the developing world,” said senior researcher Robert Langer, PhD, the David H. Koch Institute professor at MIT. In the article, one researcher states the advantage of this is that instead of having a centralized database, this allows an “on-patient”, decentralized medical record. Researchers anticipate this being particularly useful in the developing world. Luckily, it hasn’t reached human trials yet, but as we are seeing, things are moving fast.

In India, the World Health Organization and the Indian government has designed a Covid19 surveillance Project. The government is using its national polio surveillance network. Bill Gates was previously involved in the polio eradication programme in India, but which led to accusations that the vaccine led to many cases of non-polio acute flacid paralysis in nearly ½ million children between 2000-2017. The Gates foundation was told by the government to stop the campaign. The WHO admitted that nearly all polio cases in the world today are due to the live vaccine being used.

Event 201 and the goals of the World Economic Forum

Interestingly, this pandemic situation, now being used to justify not only the extraordinary lockdown strategy in the world, the massive push for a vaccine and now the focus on biometric I.D., was anticipated last October 2019 at a now well-known meeting called Event 201. This meeting was coordinated between the Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum. Their projection of how to prepare for a global pandemic scenario that killed millions and leading to a global shut down was so seemingly prophetic that the organizers had to write a disclaimer stating that there was no connection, as how could they anticipate COVID19. How indeed!

But their website said the following: “The next severe pandemic will not only cause great illness and loss of life but could also trigger major cascading economic and societal consequences that could contribute greatly to global impact and suffering.” The Scenario continues: “There is no possibility of a vaccine being available in the first year. There is a fictional antiviral drug that can help the sick but not significantly limit spread of the disease.

Since the whole human population is susceptible, during the initial months of the pandemic, the cumulative number of cases increases exponentially, doubling every week. And as the cases and deaths accumulate, the economic and societal consequences become increasingly severe.

The scenario ends at the 18-month point, with 65 million deaths. The pandemic is beginning to slow due to the decreasing number of susceptible people. The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease.

To be fair, pandemic preparation is something public health bodies, including the WHO have been discussing and planning for many years. However, those involved in Event 201 have really jumped out of the starting blocks when COVID19 hit and from this perspective, they seem to be intent on maintaining a worst-case scenario in their interpretation of events, which as of August has only killed about 760, 000 people globally. We are also seeing such unprecedented censorship of anybody who dares challenge and produce evidence that the pandemic is not what it seems. It is very suspicious behaviour. But Event 201 had anticipated the need for this: “Governments and the private sector should assign a greater priority to developing methods to combat mis- and disinformation prior to the next pandemic response. Governments will need to partner with traditional and social media companies to research and develop nimble approaches to countering misinformation.” …”For their part, media companies should commit to ensuring that authoritative messages are prioritized and that false messages are suppressed including though the use of technology.” In other words, censorship and media control should be developed prior to the next pandemic! It is important to recognize that Event 201 wasn’t about discussing how to prepare for a future pandemic but simply to announce what plans have already been put in place. The unprecedented censorship and blatant propaganda on a global level and within every sphere of society is testament to this.

What is the justification to not only lock the world down but to actively suppress debate if not to control the narrative for other agendas? Another common thing one sees when reading anything the Gates Foundation is involved in, e.g. ID2020 and now Event 201 is the inability of the government to handle affairs and the crucial need for private corporations to take the helm and offer the necessary resources. Enter the 2nd richest man in the world! The World Economic Forum held another conference called “The Great Reset” on June 3rd this year in which they declared that we have to basically start again and embrace the phenomenal technological advances that have been made in Artificial Intelligence (AI), nanotechnology etc to create a new world, in essence, to start again in the wake of the pandemic. The founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum is Klaus Schwab who is author of the influential book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the book stating that we are at the edge of a new revolution in technology that will transcend any previous technological revolution. He states it may help humanity transform itself and ideally create a greater “stakeholder” capacity for the planet. Much of what he says he wants to see sounds good – for people and the planet, but the technological leap involved, leading to “The Internet of Things” will depend on technology like 5G, and which inevitably will involve all societies functioning in a digital world where everything is monitored and controlled. The question is, by whom and what are the consequences of this?

The New Technocracy

Technology generally insists on being used when invented. Schwab is looking at this fact and anticipating what it might mean. COVID19 is allowing a fast forward of this reality. Suddenly the tape deck is screaming and most of us have no idea where it is going. Will the tape get chewed up in the process or will we all get on board and find out that unless we conform, we will be expedient? When a person starts talking of gene editing and neurological brain enhancements, etc, then maybe we should be talking about pausing the tape before pressing fast forward. And this is where we are with the new vaccines being boiled up and with 5G monitoring technology. The question should be, are citizens part of the conversation here as the 5G towers go up in the midst of lockdown and talks of mandatory vaccinations are being seriously discussed with little reflection of their implications for safety and civil liberties. Schwab has co-authored another book recently in the wake of COVID19, entitled “Covid19-The Great Reset” in which they state that the current crisis magnifies existing socio-economic fault-lines. They quote, “One path will take us to a better world: more inclusive, more equitable and more respectful of Mother Nature. The other will take us to a world that resembles the one we just left behind – but worse and constantly dogged by nasty surprises.”

The World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab use uplifting language, stressing the need to help the whole of humanity, to embrace new technology and make the great reset benefit all. It stresses the need for “green” solutions to the crises we are facing, to protect the planet and support the transition from our current way of business to an idealistic future. However, similar to the language of the Gates Foundation and the organizations it funds such as ID2020, can we really trust the intention of global corporate organizations that have been at the centre of the current financial system that has done so much harm to the world and has led to the widest disparity of incomes in modern history. What seems to be happening right now is not a great reset but a great feeding frenzy where the world’s largest organizations, including the pharmaceutical industry are benefitting from the crisis, making it look more and more like a manufactured crisis, one that benefits their agendas and bottom lines while a huge number of the world’s population face economic ruin and the most profound evisceration of civil liberties seen outside communism, fascism and war time. Maybe a great reset will happen but only after the vultures have picked the carcass of the current global economy clean.

Can we really trust these elite individuals and organizations to restructure our lives in this way? It seems that anybody questioning that the role of many of the above quoted organizations is anything but benign is immediately labelled a conspiracy theorist. So that would mean we literally are giving extraordinary power over our lives and all our personal information to one or more of the following organizations: World Health Organization, ID2020, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI Vaccine Alliance, CEPI, Rockefeller Foundation, World Economic Forum etc, not to mention a slew of government bodies working along with them. Or have we already done so?

This is the decision we are facing in the wake of this crisis and whether Zbigniew Brzezinski’s dream will come true or not? We still have a choice perhaps.